Thursday, September 01, 2005

What do you do all day?

Derrick asked me this a couple of weeks ago - and it made me laugh thinking of all the things that can come up in one day!
Today for instance we went to go get the brakes looked at. It seems like a quick thing, come on in the guys says, there is no wait - I said I will be there as soon as I can I have two kids. We eat breakfast, get dressed, change diapers - load the car. Have to put the car seats in the car because it is Derrick's car that the brakes are bad.... so this seemingly small task has now taken over an hour. As soon as we eat breakfast and change clothes and diapers - the two year old, well goes , so back to the diapers and wipes.... Then feeding the little one - we have to change the outfit again. Ofcourse never fails she was changed before breakfast - SO we need to change her again. Get her ready in the car seat, search for John's shoes and socks put them on - get to the car. Put them both in the car get diaper bags and we are off! Whew I am exhausted after typing that!! We pull into the shop, ofcourse all the bays are full so I know there will be a small wait..... 2 hours later they haven't looked at the car. John did really well for the first hour and forty five minutes - we went in the door, out the door, in the door out the door, sat down stood up, sat down, stood up, outside to the parking lot - saw the potty had to go..... so off came the pants, sit on the potty - he went!! woo hoo and in a public place gosh I love him! so back on with the diaper,, inside, outside, candy machine.... oh did I mention candy machine yes mom thought it would be a good idea to feed him reeses pieces for being a good boy - he was so good. (Baby - Josie by the way has not cried all this time- just spit up a few times! green peas go well on my white shirt. (why do I ever wear white??what am I thinking I have an 8 month old?? next time you see me in white - HIT ME!) Then 1 hour and forty five minutes into this, melt down occurs. Screaming insues - no not me John!! I am next! I can't get him to not cry cuz well we are in a public place and nothing works when you are in a small confind area and meltdown starts..... then to my horror....... he throws up. I think I almost cried - ok I shed a few tears! So luckily we had just gone outside cuz the waiting room was too full. So.......... call hero Dad - I have to get kids home! Dad saves the day and drops off the minivan - I change John's clothes in the parking lot - he is now barefoot with flowered shorts on and a really dirty nke shirt! I am laughing thinking about what I had him wear! But it is what I had. So we get in the car..... and do what every other mom would do - go to the store! Actually that went well - I was speed shopping through WinCo. The only thing I hate about Winco is you have to bag your groceries.... I think I should get a medal in bagging your groceries the fastest! A new olmpic sport! OK so now the kids are asleep - the washing machine is full! The rest of the afternoon should be fun and games! ( Take a look at the pics below! this is how we usually spend our days!)

This is John and I... hanging out -

how cute is her smile - look mom I can balance a cup!

What do you do all day??

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amy said...

I read your blog through Jess, and I do have to agree that I too, don't seem to do too much during the day either! I have been asked the same question too. I just respond I sit and eat bon bons and watch soaps all day!! It is alot of work to be a mommy!