Wednesday, August 27, 2008

like birth?

As I am going into my first marathon, I am consumed about reading people's experiences with their first marathon. I can't read enough books, have two on hold at the library right now! I am scouring blogs, looking for any advice at all that I can take from their experience. I feel like the first time I was pregnant, the anticipation ...... you are excited and scared. I remember being so excited but really wondering how the baby would exactly come out... just how bad would it hurt? Some of you know I have a strange blood disorder - that made me not be able to have an epidural.... so I know only one experience of child birth and that was one that didn't involve drugs. Let's say if I could have had them, I would have! It wasn't even considered, so you just gut it out. Why? Well you have to, you don't know any better. I mean you can't really stop it from happening, although I am pretty sure I tried to get hubby to take me home at some point. I was done, wanted to go home and try again another day.... but no I stayed in the hospital, and sucked it up and had the baby!

I have been told by Dr's that having kidney stones is much like giving birth. Having had kidney stones 4 times and being hospitalized each time, I can say... child birth is a lot easier! My dad once asked me why on earth you would ever go through that kind of pain again (he has had kidney stones before) I remember saying to him, cuz the pain is so worth it in the end. You have this beautiful baby to hold. Kidney stones, well not really fun all the way around, and if you do get to keep the stone - no one wants to see it.

Now this is where you may think I've gone off the running deep end. Will I look at the pain endured during the marathon and think it is worth it? I hope so. You have this goal, the marathon. It started out as a mission, a far away- I -can -stop -the- nonsense -and -not- really- go- through- it- at- any- time-, mission. Then somewhere along the way I convinced myself I could really do it. Then after putting in months of months of training, my mind and body caught up with one another and I knew I could do it. Now it is a matter follow through. I have put in over 500+ miles of training runs. When I set out to do the marathon, I didn't focus on all the months of training I focused on only the 26.2miles. Same with when you get pregnant, you don't focus on the baby who will soon be 2, 3 and 4 years old, no, you are focused on the cute and cuddly sleeping baby you take home from the hospital. If you went home from the hospital with a 2 year old you might go screaming back and return the child! But no, you start out small and work your way up the through all the milestones before you get the toddler.... same with running. You don't start out running 26.2 miles, no you start with one mile, or in my case a few minutes of running at a time. December '08 was the first time I ran a 5k race with out stopping. Then it was running for an hour, then hour and 1/2, then a 1/2 marathon, then 3 hours of running ... now I have built up the endurance to run for over 4 hours! I am doing it. As I hit my longest run of the training next week, 20 miles I can't help but to smile. I am in the the last pregnancy phase - the phase where you are just wanting the baby out safely. I am excited for the marathon to come, yet still nervous of the actual day. Kind of like wanting the baby out, but not wanting to go through the labor.

I had a friend that was pregnant the same time I was, after I gave birth she asked me how it went, really? I smiled and said some kind of a response like, oh not so bad, you will be fine.

What I didn't say was - it is some of the most intense pain you will ever feel in your entire life, if you can get drugs, by all means take them, take them early and often! But I didn't want to freak her out, so I side stepped and gave the answer she needed to hear. The one I needed to hear before I gave birth to my first child.

So now as I search for first time experiences of marathoners, I am finding the answers that I need to hear. I will survive, it is tough but well worth it, the pain is all worth it!

So in a few weeks I will go and find out for myself...

Saturday, August 23, 2008


My last long run, as I wrote about was just bad all the way around.

Today I ran my longest run yet (18 miles) I ran with friends from my team, definetly think that helps. Also I ate quite a bit a this morning, so I had some energy!! Yeah. I can be taught!

I am so worried about running out of steam that I tend to run a little slower than normal for my longer runs.

Here is the breakdown:

18 miles
calories 2321
Avg HR 143
Max HR 172

Not too bad for me~! I tend to run a higher HR in a race, but I think that is normal.

I wish I had a pic of us all sitting in the river after the run, pretty funny sight 6 women sitting in the river. A man and his son were down at the river, looked at us like we were nuts! River is still pretty cold, but it felt good on the muscles. I did enjoy it better than pouring ice in the bath tub. We were joking saying during the winter we will have to have someone come and sit in the bath with us, with our ice!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wanna race?

This is my new head band! I *heart* it!! I bought it at the Danskin expo, the gal that makes them, had some really great ones, but this is what I ended up with after much deliberation. I posted this for you Lisa!

This is me today after my 8 mile run!! I am sporting the farmer look with the braids! It was a very wet day today... I have very long and very thick hair that frizzes in the rain... so braids work!

Th company is called Bondi Band, you can custom order for your teams, or for a race, or what ever you'd like.

Some of my other favorite quotes they had:

Will run for wine

Iron Goddess

Iron Diva

Run like a girl - it was a toss up between this one, and the one I got!

They had a ton to choose from, I wore it yesterday running my 4 miles and today on my 8 miles... very nice. I like it a lot!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Go ahead, laugh! I still am.

We all try to post the best pics of ourselves up on the blogging circuit.
Well any of you know me know that I am always honest and truthful.

This was sent to me on my phone.... go ahead, laugh out loud... roll on the floor laughing it is ok, I did.

My mom called and I couldn't understand what she was saying she was laughing so hard after she saw it...

Yes it is me. The Keebler elf.

Derrick thought I should post it, as he was doubled over laughing on the floor!

That's right.. I'm bringin' sexy back! yeah.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Julia's hubby took pics today @ Danskin.

Here are a few

Pre race in the bike area - this is one of 9 sections... craziness!
Finish line smiles
Julia coming across the finish line - - tears of joy!
We did it!

Seattle Danskin

I had three goals for this race:

1. To go all out!
2. To kick my previous years time on the bike (really not too hard, last years time on the bike was not pretty - for me!)
3. To run the 5k without walking.

Every time I felt like slacking off - I would remember my first goal, seriously I would kick it into gear!

I only had a hard time on 1 part of the bike loop so I felt really good about that. I went all out on the bike, for me this meant a 17.9mph pace! Yeah!!

The first mile is always tough for me, my feet don't seem to cooperate after the ride, but I kept running anyway, in the past I have always walked until my feet felt "good". Not this year I began to run (I actually said to a lady next to me, "we are moving forward right?" she laughed and said, we were!

The swim: In past years the swim has been short on the distance about 200m. This year it was not, it was right on a 1/2 mile. So it was the first time during a race that I have done an actual 1/2 mile. My practice swims, I wasn't sure if I was doing a 1/2 mile or not, the life guards weren't all on the same page on exactly how far the two docs were I used to practice. One said 5 lengths in a pool, one thought it was longer. So it was hard to gage how fast I could do the 1/2 mile in. Swim started no problems, I stayed way in the back, knowing I would get run over if I didn't. I have had continual rotator cuff issues for a while, so I can't swim free style very long, I have to switch to side stroke. Around the first buoy, I finally found my stride and just kept to my pace, no panic attacks for me today! Last year I had a bit of a panic attack when I got kicked and choked in water, this year I remained calm. Second buoy I looked at my watch, and was thrilled that I was going as fast as I was, then the second wave back came up and it became a bit of a shark fest in the water... seriously it was hard to swim I kept hitting feet and and I grabbed a few butts too, I just wanted to get out of the mess, but I couldn't.. so I just kept going. My friend Kalei was in my wave this year, and she kicked my butt last year, so this year I wanted to at least keep up with her.... we came out of the swim with the same exact time! Not bad....

Ran/walked into the transition area, got shoes and a drink and ran out with bike, I felt great. I had a mission to accomplish on the bike, I started off strong and never really wavered for me. I felt good the whole ride, the last incline (bridge) was a bit tough but I gutted it out and even passed people! Last year the entire ride I heard, "left", "left", "on your left" "coming on your left, to the point it was beyond irritating to me. This year, I was shocked I was the one passing people! Of course I had people pass me, the younger ages are behind us in the waves, and some of them gals are very fast! But it felt good to know I had a great ride.

Off the bike, long way to the bike rack, oops. Changed socks and shoes and drank and went on my way - I was a running! (You have to say that like as in Forest Gump, I was a runnin' ) I felt good going into the run too, that was a plus. I have put so many hours into training I was happy they have all paid off. I was strong. Legs finally cooperated after about a mile. Then I just went at my slow steady pace. My friend Kalei, I had beaten on the bike, and I knew I had to get pretty far ahead of her as she a 9 min mile, and I am a 12.... obviously I needed to make past mile 2 to have a shot. There is a hill towards the middle of mile 2 I think.. and I thought if I can make it up the hill I may have her. Right before the hill, I hear, "I caught up to you, can we walk now?" as I turn to look it is Kalei passing me! Darn it, I yell! You can walk, I am running! I yell back to her as she goes off towards the hill. I was bummed, but happy I knew we would be close on our time. I didn't quite reach my goal of running the whole race, right at the top of the hill I stopped running. Yes I looked at my watch when I did it, I stopped for a minute 30, then I looked back at my watch and said to myself, no you don't ~~ finish this!! so I picked up and ran again. You can hear the crowd as you come to the final stretch it is pretty cool. I gave it all I had in the last .2 miles, and ran through the chute.

Great race this year, I felt strong at the end. I know I have come a long way, I feel stronger than ever.

Final Numbers: 1:49:16 Goal was to make it under 2:00 hours! Yeah.
Swim 1/2 mile: 23:20
Trans 1: 5:04 I could use some work here
Bike: 40:11 17.9 mph I kicked butt over last year - improvement of 37minutes! (I still stick to something was wrong with my bike!)
Trans 2: 3:26 not too bad??
Run: 37:14 Pace 12:00 My PR in a 5k until now was 36:20... you think I have improved? Heck ya!

It was great to race with so many ladies from the Raise the Bar and Raise the Hope teams. One of the gals from RTB took 4th over all and quite a few names in the top 10 I recognized and thought were from the team as well. Then I see a gals name who came in 8th.. she wasn't an elite either... she was a year older than me in high school, and had a wonderful race!

Congrats to everyone who competed this weekend.

A big shout out and congratulations to Julia~ she completed her first triathlon today!! She did awesome, I will let her tell you all about it, give her a "way to go" she deserves it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Light the Passion Share the Dream

Another virtual race down... I don't think I won the gold!

Non Runner Nancy hosted another virtual race event (8 miles on the 8th - with the Olympic theme no less)... Nancy thought up the event when she was looking for a race during the winter months and needed something to train for, ofcourse her idea took off in the blogging running world, and she has hosted many more, some with prizes! I am not really a contender for prizes (ok, really in any race) but obviously I don't run for the prizes. (Just the free t-shirt and medal to wear around my neck!) I was on my long training run for the week, a 16 miler. Wow, it takes me by suprise I ran 16 miles. OK I ran/ walk 16 miles. Actually I walked 15 minutes of my 3:44 minutes of torture! I didn't fuel correctly before I left the house and well, it was a recipe for disaster. I have learned my lesson the hard way - the very hard way, and will not be doing that again! As I was coming to my last mile, I had a nice deer in the headlights look about me, I was passed (she was on her bike, training for World Championships in Nov. for her Half Ironman) one of the elite athletes that helped me do my schedule for the marathon a few weeks back. I was horrified when I saw her. I happen to be walking when I saw her, I was horrified I saw her, because I was done, you know put a fork in me done, finito, adios, kind a done! She asked how you doing? I responded, "good" and put a smile on my face.... then I had to come to the fact, that I had given up. Seeing her, well it shamed me into digging deep and getting my head straight! Yes I was tired, shouldn't you be after running 15 miles with one more to go? Maybe some people are not, but I was... so what I thought to myself. Suck it up! Get your head back in it and finish this.

(A picture from china for you to visualize the Olympics!)

So I mustered a bit of energy and ran (at a snails pace) back to the house... to finish the 16 miles. Lesson learned. EAT before you run! Won't have that issue again, only have to go through it once, to know you don't want that feeling again!

In the spirit of the Olympics opening on 8-8-08 enjoy the pic!
Also a shout out to my friend, Kalei - she turned 35 on the 8th!!

Light the Passion Share the Dream
The Olympic Motto

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


We had a great family vacation this past weekend. For the past 5 years we have gone fishing around this time of year in a little town called Sekiu (see-Q) It is a beautiful area. The town is 19 miles from the Makah Indian tribe - the tribe made national headlines for killing a whale this past year, illegally. I won't get into the politics of this, I will instead say, this is one of the most gorgeous areas of Washington state.

We forgot our camera, so I am waiting for this pics of the kids, and boat, etc. As soon as I get the photos I will post them.

We caught 11 salmon that we could keep. Coho and Chinook were legal, hatchery. (meaning they have to have a clipped fin) We caught many wilds, but couldn't keep them. It is fun just catching fish, so it is always exciting getting them to the boat! After two days I was in the zone, I was catching and also able to get the hooks out of the mouth and release the wild ones, no not as good as Grandpa does it, but hey I was doing it!

Fun story: Remember the hiking shoes I was so excited to get? They are red, cute and great to hike in.... not good for boating. not good for boating at all! My dad (grandpa) had a fish on, I went and got the net, we start doing the whole drill... you wave the net around, try to get the fish in the net with out losing fish, and with out throwing yourself over board. Well grandpa led the fish right to the net (he is good like that) and I lean over to net the fish..... both feet slip, darn shoes! I (for a second) thought I was going over board. I caught myself on the side of the boat. (with my elbows - ouch!) With out missing a beat, my dad turned and said the family line, "what the hell are you doing?" Yes dad I wanted to throw myself over the boat, with the net, it is easier to net them if we are all in the water! In case you were wondering... yes my elbow is bruised! Yes. We got the fish. It is a family tradition when someone does something really stupid, or clumsy, or gets hurt, what ever the situation to look at them and say, " what the hell are you doing?" you have to have a serious tone though when you say it, like you are irritated they just hurt themselves. My mom once stepped off the side of the road, when it was snowing and threw herself down a ditch... yes mom it is still funny! Yes, dad asked the question as he was helping her out of the ditch.... we are a nice bunch of people.

See the two towns in bold print? Sekiu and Clallam bay they are 2 miles apart... That is where we were on the coast. The dotted line going across the bay from the town of Port Angeles - is going to Vancouver, BC.... to give you all a reference of where we were.
The only tough part of the trip was trying to get in my run... Since I write the blogs, you get to hear about my part of the trip!

As you can see from the map on the right. This is it... this is all the road I had to run on. Yes there was the highway - but not much a shoulder so it made me nervous. Derrick drove me over to the town for my adventure. As he pulled away I turned on the ipod to find out, all my songs were magically erased. Great a nice 15 mile run with no music. I am not a purist here, I like me some music to run too! Ugh. Oh well first two miles ( a small loop out to the light house and back to town) was great. Then I decided to run the rest of the town. Well one trip down each road, kept my pace up - no one chains their dogs or owns a fence, so the animals run free. I guess they aren't used to runners, cuz I got them all stirred up! I even got chased a bit... nice heart rate booster! So once down each road was all I could take. A quick jaunt out to the prison... yes state prison in the middle of no where. I didn't go all the way out just up the first big hill, I didn't want a full four miles of hills.... ick. So yes I cut the run a bit short, I figure I made it 12-13 miles. not too bad for a town of 3 miles of road!

Let's see we skipped rocks each night after dinner, we decided that Detrix could take all state for rock skipping, 7 skips! he is a natural! Mom well not so good with the rock skipping. We ate and ate and had so much fun! Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for hauling the boat all the way out there - it is very much appreciated. We always have fun.

I will save the story of my mom and I watching an old fellow dock his boat. . . Always entertaining to watch people dock boats....

On the way home we got stopped on the Hood Canal Bridge. (they were letting marine traffic go through - all though we never saw a ship.... hmmmm) I have never been stopped on the bridge before... we got out and looked around. It was so cool to see the views from the deck of the bridge. Picture is from my camera phone.