Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Over the Weekend... we ripped phonebooks!

OK so not all of us ripped phone books - just Derrick! Derrick is part of a Team called The Wrecking Crew. They go to different events and show off the power they have! Derrick trained with a team many years ago called the Power Team - this is a take off of that team if you have heard of that one.

The team traveled all around the world to talk about what God has done in there lives, as well as to show all the cool things they can do. This team is doing the same thing - talking about what God is doing and has done in there lives, just haven't gone international YET!! Derrick is the master at ripping phonebooks, he ripped two phone books this weekend - faster than I have ever seen him before.

He also popped a full can of pop with just his hands! It was really fun to watch! John was on my shoulders chanting "Go Daddy!, Go Daddy!" so that was really fun to watch. The other two guys there - Matt and Jimmy broke bricks, and also bent a steal bar! Lots of fun!

Friday, August 26, 2005


This was taken at church - in Feb. I think John will be a singer or musican - he loves to dance!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Our House will withstand a 9.0 earthquake

This picture has nothing to do with the entry it just made me smile!

So apparently the building codes for all of King County are not good enough for the small town that we live in. No, we need to not only have our home strapped to the foundation - in case there is a 2000 mph wind, we also need some kind of other straps put onto the house too. If an earthquake of 9.0 hits the greater Seattle area our home will be the only one standing. You can all come hang out at our home. There will be no power no water no other homes in the entire County standing, but we will be there having a party! OK, so I am a tad frustrated with the whole home inspection process. It seems we are having to do things to our home that are not normally done. I guess it is good in the long run - but really strapping the home to the foundation? Where is the home going? sure it can with stand the earthquake, its the molten lava coming down from Mt. Rainier if the Mt. erupts that I don't think the house can handle! So I am in a lovely mood! Actually we just went down to pick out some flooring that was fun - just very overwhelming. We think we found all the counter tops that we want - and some of the floors. We just need all the other little things now - - it s a lot to pick out! It is fun to pick out but a bit stressful too - will everything match and go together - I sure hope so. Plus your picking stuff out from a 2x2 swatch hard to know if you'll like it on the entire floor! So I brought home samples so I can sit and stare at them to see that I still like them in a day or too. I guess that is all for now - I have new pics of the house, I will upload them later - our friends have a Mac computer and it doesn't cooperate with our camera! So we have to perform magic to get the photos to upload, and I can't do it by myself I am not a master at it yet.

Friday, August 19, 2005

It is Friday yeah

This is the lovely bride (Kendra) and my Uncle Chick!!

The pic is of Derrick and I at Newport Beach last month for my cousins wedding. We had our first ever weekend with out the kids! It was very fun to spend some time alone - The drive to Newport took us only 9 hours! Needless to say when we got their we were full of joy!! We had a great time with my crazy family at the wedding - dancing the Irish Jig - and singing Irish songs. The only thing better than an Irish wedding is an Irish funeral. I will explain that at another time - this of you that are Irish are laughing right now!
Well the week flew by, so I am looking forward to this weekend. My friend is in town from Texas so hopefully we will be able to get together. It is always crazy when people come in from out of town. All of a sudden a week will go by and you don't know what happened.

Our house is coming along - it has been a bit of a slower process than Derrick and I would like - we are very anxious to move in. They had the back side painted when we went out - so all should be painted now. We are in the final stretches of it being done - should be 2-3 weeks. We are still waiting for sheet rock, I think that is suppose to be this next week( I thought it was last week) but who knows I could have it in my head wrong. So we are going to go pick out the rest of the flooring this next week, so that should be fun!!

I guess that is all for now - kids are doing great. John is learning new words everyday. I took him to story time on Tuesday at the library. He has lots of fun listening to the librarian - and they always blow bubbles at the end for the kids to play with so that is lots of fun. We have watched Shrek and Finding Nemo probably about 100 times each - I know the stories line for line if you would like me to act them out - I can probably do that too!! He calls Shrek the Donkey movie - it is really cute when he says it. "really, really" lol if you got that you must have kids!! Josie is doing the army crawl now, and is up on her knees ready to crawl like a big girl! any time now!!


Sunday, August 14, 2005

I am adorable

Is she not the cutest thing! Thank you to Aunt Laura for the cute outfit!

A walk to remember

We had lots of fun this weekend. We went to a nearby lake and walked around it, ok almost all the way around it. Then we went up to Greenwood and ate at a place called Gorditos if you like Mexican this is the place for you - huge burritos for a little price! We enjoyed just strolling around the park watching John run around. He insisted on wearing the coat and boots, it was only 80', you hve got to love kids.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Derrick became a Chaplain

In March of 2005 Derrick went through training to become a Chaplain for the Local Fire Department. The training allows Derrick to go anywhere in the US and help out when needed. If there was a natural disaster (earthquake, fire, etc) Derrick is trained and would go to help! We are very proud of him!

He can also Marry and Bury so if you would like a quick wedding - you know who to call.

This is a pic of all of us at his graduation. It was a very special time Detrix got to come to see his dad graduate from the program.

Beginning to rebuild

Master bedroom is being added to the top of the garage

New look to the front of the house.

Too much fun!

I am having so much fun putting up this blog I can hardly control myself! We are headed to the house tomorrow so we will have some new and excitting pics to put up then.

The Remodel Has Begun ( OK the whole house Remodel)

Pics of the garage - beginning the rebuild. The fire burned so hot - there was no sign that it hactually had shingles on it!

The new back porch

Back yard pic of the Media Room/Cigar room/Derrick's got a room of his own finally room!

Front Yard pic of the Media room

Liz and Josephine

This is my friend Liz with Josephine, it ws taken a couple of months ago before they moved to Texas!

Just some family pics

Friday, August 12, 2005

Gram, Grampa and Josephine

Had to put one on of Josie......

We should all eat cake like this!

John's 2nd B-day

This is a picture from John's 2 birthday party - we were between homes so we had it at Chuck - E Cheeses. Very loud party - very fun.

March 28,2005

Why Hobo Young?

I had a couple of friends send out their blogger info - and I thought that a blog would be a great way for some of my family that lives farther away to still keep an eye on what is happening in our lives. ( OK - It's so they can see pics of the kids!) Why did I name it Hobo Young? Well for those of you who don't know - Hobo is our lovely dogs name. So there you have it Hobo Young blog is born.

Most of you know that our home burned down last year - we were renting it out at the time - so we were not in it! Thank God. So we have spent the last 6 months living like gypsies. We moved form the house we were going to purchase (before the other one burned down) and moved into a rental. The rental was I think 800 sq feet. So after 4 months of running into walls and a Gecko or some kind of lizard coming into the house - we decided that was enough. We then moved all of our belongings into a friends garage and we moved into their house to become "basement people". So we are now living with 2 dogs, 3 kids (when we get Detrix) and 4 adults. It is a fun yet noisy home. I hsould mention that the other dog we are living with is a 200 lb mastif named boomer. John is in love with the dog and I don't think we'll be able to leave with out many tears being shed.

So our home is in the final stretches of being done - - should have paint this weekend on the outside - and drywall starting next week! We have had a few set backs being hat we are dealing with an older existing foundation, so we have had little issues that you normally wouldn't have if you were building a new home from scratch. I won't write anymore on the house, as I will post pics for you all to see.

That is all for now - pictures will start coming soon!


The Young Family
Derrick, Emily, Detrix, John and Jospehine