Friday, March 31, 2006

Going to the gym. . some thoughts

Most of you have seen the footage of the girl on the treadmill. It is the one where she for some reason tries to jump and then run on an already moving treadmill. Needless to say she doesn't do it very gracefully. EVERYTIME I am running on the treadmill I envision myself slipping and being thrown off. Now I know I need to stop visualizing it... cause when you visualize and focus on something it typically will happen... No I didn't fall.... however I do have a story from about 1990 I was a junior in Highschool and joined the Bally's gym, well you know the stairs that you can climb up, they actuall rotate in a circle so you have to step up not just move your foot up and down but actually step up the stairs... well you guessed it, I was walking up the stairs and slipped, not only did I first fall onto the moving stairs, I then tried to push myself backwards, but the stairs ofcourse keep moving so I then tumbled backwards off the machine and hit my head on the wall behind. I am laughing as I write this because I was terrified when it happened, very embarassed. Now it is one of those funny stories you tell people that it happened to a "friend of yours" but I will own up to it! I fell off the stairs! Anyway since I am on this health and fitness kick, I thought I would share the story! Most of you know I am training for a 5k triathlon in August. so I am training at the gym for running and biking. If anyone has an extra bike I can borrow until I figure out what kind is the best to get for triathlons let me know. You know you have a mountain bike sitting in the garage you never use!!

I will say it has been fun getting into better shape, I am only down 12 pounds, but I feel good and clothes are looser. I can now run an actual mile and stair climb a mile too! That is only in a few short weeks I have accomplished that - so I am pretty proud of myself!! My goal is to swim a 1/2 mile, bike 13 miles then actually run the 3.1 miles. For me it is a big goal but one I am willing to take on, it is funny cuz this whole triathlon thing started as a joke.... now it is a goal. So thanks Foster and Derrick you have fueled my goal!
That is all for now.
This is me standing by the stair machine! lol

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Today John is 3!!

I can't believe that 3 years ago I gave birth to John Isaac. I had no idea what to expect from the whole birthing process, besides and pain, and well I got plenty of that! But it is funny after 3 hours of pushing.... once John came out you tend to forget the pain, because you are holding this beautiful baby. John has brought so much to our lives I don't know where to begin. . .so I will say Happy Birthday baby boy! You are growing up so quick. I told him his birthday today when he woke up you know what he said in this order.... "Chuck e cheese, presents, batman cake" Only chuck e cheese sounds like "Jesus". So there you have it at 3 years old John has life all figured out.... fun, food and presents what else do you need?

Monday, March 20, 2006

when you are tired you are tired!!

John crawled into our bed pretty early thismorning, then he fell back asleep. Josie woke up, Derrick went to work and John was still sleeping in our bed. I heard John come out but didn't see him - so here he is... to tired to make it down the stairs.

hee hee hee I am going to get him said sister!! But mom stopped her before she began the torturing!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

What I've learned today

Today I have learned a few things....

Little boys in Spiderman underwear, don't care if they get the underwear dirty.

Little girls can not navigate between two chairs without falling on the floor (yes nice bruise to prove it)

Refrigerators should not freeze pop. Pop went all over when I opened it - ice chunks were in it. Yes Derrick it was diet - just in case you were wondering - I am still doing the :healthy choice of eating!: lol

Hobodog still doesn't listen if let outside (by John) without being put on a leash.

Oh and the last thing I learned today - We can not hear our doorbell ring unless standing by the door! Kind of makes it useless really. We can't hear it in the theater or in our bedroom.... my poor friend was calling (can't hear that if it is not in the same room either) and knocking on the door and I didn't hear it.... OK maybe I need my hearing checked!

That is all for today in the ever exciting life of mine! However I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!!

Here is me! - Just wanted to show you all the new hair... yes very different I know! So after posting the first picture - I decided I didn't like it so I had to go up and take more pics then find another to post. It got me thinking - it took me so long to change my hairstyle, why is change so hard? It is like we hold onto things even though they aren't quite what we want or need just because it is comfortable. I know I have wanted a different style for a while, but I was afraid to change it.... this goes for many areas of our lives.... Change is agood thing. You find out what and who you are by constantly changing - I know I am not the same person I was two years ago - Thank God for that... but that wasn't an easy thing to change it doesn't necessarily happen in an instant like a haircut. Although some things in my life have changed so quick I could hardly keep up with the changes.. in a good way!! Thoghts to ponder for you all... is that too deep for a blog? Laughing..... Cya all Emily

Sunday, March 12, 2006

We did it! We did it! (can you sing that like Dora the Explorer?) that is what I have in my head.....

This is at the start of the race!

Middle of the race - we stopped running to take a picture - we have proof we were on the viaduct!

We made it to the finish line! Yeah us.

My friend Liz and I ran in the St. Patty's day dash in down town Seattle. We ran from the Seattle Center to Safeco field. I couldn't believe how much fun we had. There were many people dressed up and running, 12,500 was the total # of people we heard. Who knew there were this many weirdos out there who like to get up early and run around! Here are some pictures from the run. May I just say that I am very proud of both Liz and I. . we set a goal and we did it. We have also signed up (my mom too!) to do a triathlon in August - watch us go!! Woo hoo.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I must admit I have been slacking on the blogging lately - not as bad as Christine! Ha gotcha! However I have a few things to tell you all about. Derrick lets see a week ago or two I can't remember time is all melting together. He did another power show! So I have some photos to show you of him doing an awesome thing! Derrick broke his own record (without breaking anything! yeah!!) He broke.... is the suspence killing you? he broke.... drum roll please..... ok enough, he broke 22 bricks at the same time. He broke 11 bricks on each arm at the same time! What a stud. He also shared his testimony - his quick version on how God has helped him overcome many things in his life. What was really cool, is he got to tell his testimony at a public highschool. Now that is exciting. I always think if just one person stays away from drugs due to hearing his testimony, then it is all worth it.

That goes for everyone in many different situations, if you can give people insight into your life on things that you have done right and wrong, so they can learn from it, then you are doing some great works. I have books on the things I have done wrong in mylife, I don't regret those things, but I do know I have learned from them and I hope others do too....

That's all for now!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Who are these masked people?

Well it has been probably 2-3 months since we have actually seen John, you see he is really THE BATMAN! and now he has recruited the rest of the family to help in his crime fighting. I feel safe knowing Batman is here to help!

This is THE BATMAN - notice the Batman shirt too. Good thing we have 3 capes and 2 shirts.... he never takes it off!

Batgirl is really, that's right it is Josie! Secret identity revealed. I don't think she wants to play anymore.