Thursday, March 16, 2006

What I've learned today

Today I have learned a few things....

Little boys in Spiderman underwear, don't care if they get the underwear dirty.

Little girls can not navigate between two chairs without falling on the floor (yes nice bruise to prove it)

Refrigerators should not freeze pop. Pop went all over when I opened it - ice chunks were in it. Yes Derrick it was diet - just in case you were wondering - I am still doing the :healthy choice of eating!: lol

Hobodog still doesn't listen if let outside (by John) without being put on a leash.

Oh and the last thing I learned today - We can not hear our doorbell ring unless standing by the door! Kind of makes it useless really. We can't hear it in the theater or in our bedroom.... my poor friend was calling (can't hear that if it is not in the same room either) and knocking on the door and I didn't hear it.... OK maybe I need my hearing checked!

That is all for today in the ever exciting life of mine! However I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!!

Here is me! - Just wanted to show you all the new hair... yes very different I know! So after posting the first picture - I decided I didn't like it so I had to go up and take more pics then find another to post. It got me thinking - it took me so long to change my hairstyle, why is change so hard? It is like we hold onto things even though they aren't quite what we want or need just because it is comfortable. I know I have wanted a different style for a while, but I was afraid to change it.... this goes for many areas of our lives.... Change is agood thing. You find out what and who you are by constantly changing - I know I am not the same person I was two years ago - Thank God for that... but that wasn't an easy thing to change it doesn't necessarily happen in an instant like a haircut. Although some things in my life have changed so quick I could hardly keep up with the changes.. in a good way!! Thoghts to ponder for you all... is that too deep for a blog? Laughing..... Cya all Emily


"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Em, You had me laughing at all the things you "learned" today. In our old house in Covington the door bell was the same way, but I COULD hear the phone ring. :) Your hair looks great! Changing hair is SO hard I know. :)

The Young Family said...
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The Young Family said...

OK, I must admit yesterday afternoon I realized that the ringer was off on the new phone I got.... oops I recently got a new cell phone (with a camera!! yeah!) and I din't realize the ringer was so low. See the blonde streaks are effecting me already. After two years we actually have a house phone... ofcourse no one has the number! it is for the alarm... lol

The Riley's said...

YOU HAVE A LAND LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im not sure if I should jump up and down or pass out!

PS... Turn the ringer on! Love ya!

Karen K said...

You are so cute, Emily! I miss chattin' with you, let's get together.