Monday, October 27, 2008

Oops I did it again!

So this is pretty embarassing to admit.... you know me I have to tell you all! Remember back in July was it where I jammed my toe into the couch and then proceeded to throw myself on the ground? Same darn couch jumped up and attacked me again. I may have to take the couch out back for a good beating, it keeps attacking with out any warning. Same toe... same bruising... same #$%$# words came out of mouth. Maybe it is trying to teach me not to swear when I get hurt... I failed that test so far. Top of my foot was completely bruised and the little toe swelled up real nice. It happened a week ago Sunday, and today I am actually able to walk like a normal person yesterday and today, so I am happy about that. My little toe must really be ticking of the couch, cuz the couch is showing no mercy with these ruthless attacks.

This is where you here the tiny violin playing my sad song.....
I love this time of year around here too, the leaves are turning and they are just beautiful, so I have been bummed I haven't been able to run along the trails. Weather has been perfect. A little cold in the mornings but up to mid 60's in the afternoon. Hopefully I will be out there today or tomorrow testing the toe.

I am thinking I won't do the Seattle half, since I haven't run after the marathon... but we shall see... I would like to do it to see how well my time has improved from two years ago.
Upcoming events:
If I don't do the Seattle half I will do a turkey trot run out in the sticks.... a small town outside of Seattle..... I have the 12k's of Christmas Run on Sat December 13th and I also want to do the Christmas Rush on Sunday. May be a really fun weekend.

My mom took the kids to a fun farm, I have some great pics and fun stories coming soon...
Also some other exciting news.... (and no I am not pregnant)

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's not about the marathon....

It is not about the marathon. I think this is what I have learned from this journey. It is the journey of getting to the marathon that really counts. It is the 600+ miles that lead up to the final 26.2. It is getting up each day and doing what it takes each day working your way up to the goal of 26.2 miles. For me it was running a few minutes at a time, in order to run my first mile. I haven’t been an athlete. I couldn’t run a mile when I started this journey with out stopping. My journey began with me wanting to do something bigger then myself. The thought of me running a marathon was overwhelming when I first began. I am a wife, a mom, a step-mom, I work part time time, how would I do this? I got a plan, and started working everyday on my goal of running a marathon. I feel like if I can do this, you can do this too. I started this for someone else, I started this to honor my friend who passed away last year at the age of 30. I started this because we had talked about running a full marathon together. I wanted to honor her, by finishing the marathon. In the beginning stages of this journey I really doubted myself, how could I do this, I couldn’t run with out stopping to walk? I wasn’t skinny enough, I wasn’t strong enough, all these doubts were in my head. Then I changed the way I thought about myself. I could do this, I was putting in the time, and I was putting in the energy and training, and I could and I would finish this marathon.

Today after the marathon, I am feeling more confident than ever, I did what a lot of people don’t dare to even start. I believe that starting the journey is the important part, getting out there and doing something you are not sure you can do. I have found inner strength though this process. Sure I am very proud of myself, I think I have great reason to be. But I am also very thankful that I made it through this process injury free. I recently saw the video of myself towards the finish line, I immediately started to tear into myself, about the way I looked. I had to stop myself , and redirect my thinking, I finished a marathon in this body. I may have some extra “lady lumps” but that is what makes me, well me!
I have used what I have ~ this body right now ~ and done something extraordinary! I am an athlete.

I started out this journey to honor my friend, I did that! In the process I found out who I am. Who am I ? I am stronger than I give my self credit for both inside and out. I am able to look at any obstacle, not with fear, but with wisdom and insight. I am able to dig deep no matter the circumstance and know I will make it through stronger than ever.

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monday, October 06, 2008

Portland Marathon.....

Wow what a journey! It started 9 months ago, I started training for the marathon. Not sure if I could actually complete it. Then probably 4 months ago, I knew I could complete the marathon, I just had to continue all the hard work... 600+ miles later in training I have accomplished my goal, I ran the Portland Marathon! My time was 6 hours 20 minutes and 18 seconds. I am thrilled with the time! I was on track for my six hour goal, then I felt it slipping away and I had to readjust my attitude, no matter my time, I still completed a marathon. Something that a small percentage of people can say they have done! I might go through my full journey at a later time, but I felt great up until I hit mile 22... I struggled the last four miles. I think that is the whole lure of the marathon, is the wondering when the wall may hit. For me that was mile 22!

To say the day was emotional well, that is an understatement. Running a marathon is emotional in itself, then to add on the reason that I started the journey in the first place (to honor my friend Liz that passed away) and it was quite an emotional journey. But in a great way.

Derrick and Foster were great! They were wonderful spectators.... Apperantly spectating is as hard as running the marathon itself! (sure guys I believe you!) So thank you to both of them for being there to see me cross the line.

When Liz and I did our half marathon together, Liz had finished before me and when she saw me come into the the last .1 miles of the half, she ran with me along the sidelines and met me at the finish. When I hit the 26 mile marker Foster and Derrick were there waving and taking pictures. I then watched Foster run along the sideline all the way in with me. As I rounded the corner I watched Foster running, and I also saw Angela cheering me on. I think I cried the whole way in on the .2 miles.

More on the journey later - and ofcourse pics!!