Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day

I am so excited.. I got some free shoes! No I am not like half fast a company didn't send them to me... although I would love that if it happened! As you know I work at a gym. Well one of the couples that works out there works for a local outdoors company. Helly Hanson. My boss was tlaking about how big her feet were, so they had a pair of shoes that didn't fit a friend, so they gave them to my boss, well her feet really aren't that big (size 9) come on now - that is not that big! After I made a nice big production of how I loved the shoes (they were so cool - totally coveting the shoes!) I informed my boss that I truly had big feet! (size 11 folks!) so when she finally tried on the shoes they were huge on her little feet... as you know she gave them to me!! They are pretty cool. They aren't running shoes they are hiking shoes. Since I had the shoes well I went for a couple of hikes this weekend! Yeah!

View from the place we stayed, this is looking over the Columbia River. It is truly breathtaking!

We went down and stayed in Oregon with Derrick's sister. She works and runs a camp outside of Portland. It is a beautiful area, very green! They live in the middle of a huge hill the elevation goes from sea level to approx 750 feet in 2 miles! They are almost in the middle of the hill - very cool views from her house!

They have pretty large fishing pond right next to their house. We caught trout (and ate them) and Detrix and his cousin Brian swam in the pond. Saturday night there were around 20 teens swimming in the pond!

We stayed at the camp in a mansion. When I say mansion I mean mansion! It was a house built for a man that owned grocery store chains, when he died he gave it to the FourSquare church and they made it into a camp. I think there is 50 acres, it is a gorgeous camp and retreat center.

LavYonne and Brad (Derrick's sister and brother in law) provided food for all of us as well! We helped them to prepare the meals - here the littler kids are helping to put cheese on the pizzas. I think Lav said there were some 50 pizzas! Crazy! But with teens that can go pretty quick! I know we ate them sat night then they made more on Sat and Sun for a midnight snack!

We went down because Derrick's nephew Blake is graduating from highschool and Derrick's sister and brother in law through him a huge graduation party. Friday night there were 8 of us, then Saturday I think I counted 30+ then sunday night there were 60+ people that came - it was really nice to celebrate his accomplishment with lots of friends and family. Most of the people that came were teens, so the games and fun was on!

This is Detrix and Blake havin' some fun! Look how big the fireplace is! We had 4 people actually standing in it one night to start the fire!

They played frisbee, and capture the flag... even played dodge ball in the gym. There was so much to do that we were busy all weekend

I wish I had a photo of all the teens, it was really fun to watch them run around.

Saturday night we had a big thunder and lightening storm roll through. I kept missing the lightening rods, they were so amazing to watch. The whole sky was lit up. I was under the porch, and didn't feel the need ot venture out into the big field holding something metal. I thought about getting a golf club and seeing if I could have lightening strike me, but alas I came to my senses and stayed under the porch! So this picture is right before or right after the lightening struck. I personally think we got a photo of a UFO... see in the corner? I kid people I kid!!

Here are all the cousins.... John, Blake, Josie, Detrix, Breck and Brian!

For those wanting to know I did do a run on Sat - went from around 450 elevation to 750 elevation in 3/4 of a mile! Ran down to a local landmark (again down a hill and back up!) the hills are great training but rough! My HR was high! I think it was 7 miles... don't know for sure....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In the groove?

As I was running this past couple of weeks I have had the same conversation with a few different people. The conversation is about how it takes me about 45 minutes of running to warm up and find my groove. At about the 45min to 1 hour mark I start to feel really good and feel like I could run forever. I had this conversation on the day of the half with my two friends and we all laughed and thought, hmmmm I guess we never ran long enough before ~ to get in the groove. I never thought I would say I need to warm up for 45 minutes, but now in training for a while I am comfortable with that. I laughed as I had the same conversation at the gym I work at, with two women who were asking me about the half. Pretty cool I have some of the women asking me about my running schedule and such. Obviously I don't claim to be an elite athlete but they are taking note in my changes in the past 6 months or so. My question is this, does the same thing happen to a person on the swim? on the bike? I haven't found my groove yet in these two disciplines, still searching for that magic time when I can swim, or ride forever! It will happen I am certain of that!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dead bodies and running?

Pearl Izumi ad . Pearl Izumi's lastest ad campaign's headline reads "Ever notice how it's always runners who find dead bodies?" Saw this ad in a runner's magazine while at the gym and it really got me thinking.....

bad campaign?

smart campaign?

make you want to run?

make you want to buy their shoes?

What you might not realize is that they are more than just a cycling brand. To those who might not be that into running, they do make some good shoes.

The point of the ad.. and their other contraversial campaign pitting "runners against joggers"... is to get people talking about their brand. So I guess it is working! It has me thinking.

Maybe that is good. But it doesn't want to make me go run on a trail by myself. That freaks me out as it is.. now an ad saying runners find the bodies.. hmmm.

I do like the part of the ad that says run like an animal. Kind of cool.

Thoughts on the ad?

*** In doing a little more research, I think this may be an older ad, so much for the gym magazines! --- Just to clarify I only read when I am on the Stairclimber---- thought you should know that! ***


This weekend was the first weekend we had some heat in the PNW. I know we broke records, I belive parts of the area hit 90'. Craziness considering that about 3 weeks ago it was snowing! So I went out for my long run on Sat AM and was shocked that at 8am it said it was mid 70's. As I ran with friends the talk ofcourse was how hot it was. I have always liked cold weather compared to hot, I like that you can always put on more layers if necessary. When it is hot, I can't really take off layers, well I guess I could but I am not comfortable with that scenario. I see people running in just a sports bra, but well folks I don't think that will be happening any time soon with me. Rest assured I won't be running in the little underwear things either. I know I know you are all suprised by that, and relieved.

We had a fun weekened around the house. The boys camped out side in the tents. I believe we were the only people in our 'hood that sprung up tents in the backyard! I forgot to get pics, darn it. The funny thing is we sent up the tents and get John and Detrix settled in and what do they do while camping? They watch a movie from our portable DVD player. True roughing it folks! Josie didn't make it to the tent on Friday night, she fell asleep next to me in the house.... she did make it out on Saturday night.

Too fun.

Ran 8.6 miles Sat

Friday, May 16, 2008

Some more photos

Just got the "official" photo from the race - Here is Amy -
They missed the photo proof on mine! oops. I think they were standing next to our friend taking photos - it is almost the same shot.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pics from Kirkland

I didn't get any pics of the 1/2... so as I get them emailed to me I will post them.
here is the Raise the Hope Team! I am on the bottom right... didn't think I could stand up after the pic!

me at the finish!

the only photo I took, camera was left in the trunk! This is my two lifelong friends, Kalei and Amy! You guys rocked it! Kalei's time 2:22 and Amy's 2:20 All smiles before the race!
this is when I saw the RTH team waiting at the finish!

You can't say I don't take in air!
Here is the rock star Julia 100 meters from her first 5k! So proud of her!

Julia and I after our races!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 1/2!

This is the front of the RTH team shirts!

Wow! What a race.

I wasn't nervous this time about finishing, because I knew I had trained hard for this, but I wanted to do well. My two friends that I have known forever (I met one when I was almost 3, the other I think at 4 or 5 years old) carpooled with me to the race, it was great to see them both. It was funny to think after all these years we were doing a 1/2 marathon together! Woo hoo for us.

It was a bit windy when we got there, but that is to be expected when you are right next to a lake!

Miles 1-2-3
Moved right to the back of the pack, with the 12:00 min pacer signs. I didn't want to start off too fast. I knew rather quickly into the first mile that I was going faster than a 12:00 actually I think we did the first mile in 10:55! For me that is rock star fast! Something happened after the first mile, my shins started to hurt, hmmm this is new I thought never had sore shins. This is going to make for an interesting run if it keeps up. Miles 2 -3 were more struggling for me. Ouch shins still hurt. I started at the back of the pack, and as you can imagine my worst fear is to come in last so I kept looking back to see that I wasn't last. At one point I only saw 3 people behind me. Crap I thought. Then something changed and my thoughts went to doing my best instead of worrying what was behind me. truly it is a mind game to run long distances.

Mile 4 -5

Shin stopped hurting, I started getting my groove. I looked at the watch and I was at approx 4.5 miles when I hit the hour mark... cool right on time!

Mile 6

This was a truly great mile for me - I caught up with the walkers that left a 1/2 before me! You can't begin to imagine the mental lift this gives you! I ran for the past 2 miles behind a gal with orange shorts determined to close the gap. At mile 6 I did just that I passed her. I started to look back to see if she was going to give chase, but I stopped and thought nope I have passed her and she will not pass me, keep running, there is no looking back, only forward! OK mile 6 for
Non-Runner Nancy was 1:20. I believe!

Mile 7

I put a gal in my sights with a white long sleeve shirt with a bright blue shirt on underneath. I thought to my self " bring it on! I will pass you!" I was now fully in my groove and dare I say it? Getting that runner's high! Feeling really good.

Mile 8 -9

Most of these two miles were down hill, wow that does wonders for you the first 1/2 was gradual up hill! So I really kicked it in and passed the lady in the white and blue right before mile 9! Right after that I called and left Derrick a message - I know, I am a big geek calling my hubby to tell him I think I am going to beat my "hopeful" time (that was 3:00 hours) I was quite a bit a head of schedule! If you are wondering I grabbed the phone and dialed and left message while I was running I did not stop! If only I could use my multitasking skills to run a consistent 10 min mile!

Mile 10 - 11

Kind of a blurr in the zone, there weren't a lot of runners around to pick off just the walkers. I was kind of bummed that was a fun thing for me to do. So I picked a walker way up the course and headed towards him. Hit 11 miles and got really excited just 2.1 miles left! Then you round a little corner and it is a short but steep hill. ugh. Made it up the hill - HR went up to 190! wow! My arms were pumping! Again for
Non-Runner Nancy and her 10k or 10 miles, my time approx of course, was about 2:06 I know I looked at my watch, to make sure I noted the time but now I have so many numbers in my head I am not positive!

Mile 12

There were two wonderful guys yelling at 3 of us, that we were almost there! The two ladies started to run with me, I was beyond determined to not have them pass me. The first half of the mile a lady in green and I were battling it out - enough is enough I thought - and I broke away. (You have to laugh at me breaking away with a 12:00+ mile!) But hey a break away is a break away. Saw the bridge at the end and new I was close. But I didn't know when to really kick it in, as I didn't want to run out of steam.... Got down the bridge and thought - don't leave anything on this course, run like you've never run before! I looked at the watch and I thought, holy crap I can make 2:45! Started a little faster - then saw my two friends, (who were done!) I know I am close! Started to sprint (again my version of sprinting) Then as I looked up from my running fog I saw the coolest thing...
My Raise the Hope Team all standing at the corner! I seriously got excited.... how great they were waiting until we all finished! I missed the 2:45 time... but I finished in 2:46:?? I need to look at the race time to see what my seconds were. I think my average mile was 12:42! that is awesome for me!

Ofcourse through out the race I thought of my friend Liz. Miles 8 and 9 I started to cry, wishing she was with me. Then I had a little conversation with her - me just talking to her telling her I missed her, then telling her I think I could have kept up with her today. Thank you my friend for pushing me. When I crossed the finish line, Foster (her husband) was there. It was great that he came to the race. As I hugged him, so many emotions came into my head! I told him I loved him, and her and that I missed her, and I thanked him for being a great friend! I know Liz was with me today.

I will have to look it up, but I believe my time for my first 1/2 in Nov '06 was 3:36... I took off 50 minutes! Wow! I have come a long way! (Just looked it up - my time was 3:33 53 minutes off the time)

I PR'd the race! 2:46:??
Min/Mile 12:42 I need to verify!
Calories burned: 2, 062
HR average: 164
Highest HR: 190

The coolest part was seeing everyone at the end of the race! Congrats to Julia, she did her first 5K! You rock!

To all the
Raise the Bar /Raise the Hope people I met during the race - you looked awesome, many people got a PR as well! I will add pictures later!

this is the back of the RTH shirts.

I will post pics of me, my friends and the team as soon as I get them! There is a pretty cool one of me at the finish that my friend Amy's sister took! So cool Jen came out to see her sis race!
Wanted to say thank you to Derrick and kids for supporting me in my marathon craziness!!
and a big Thank you for the beautiful flowers and card you got me! Thank you for a wonderful Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

John's big day!

Looking good, Billy Ray! Feeling good, Louis!

(thought the quote from Trading Places fit)

Kindergarten round up! John was so excited to go to school today - he wanted to pick out his outfit, so to the closet he went for the perfect clothes. Then with out me asking he brushed his teeth... this is a first. John didn't want to walk to school, he wanted to take the car. We live really close to the school, so I think he won't get a bus, but we don't know for sure. We pull into the
this is John on the bus!
He kept saying this is the best day ever!
school and I about tear up! Great I am thinking I am going to be that parent... Not only did I start to tear up, it is only an hour today people! ( What is my deal?) I was also that parent taking photos! That is right I took photos of John as we walked into school, and then on the bus. I refrained from taking pics of the classroom, now I must admit I wish I would have... I don't know what I am going to do on his real first day of school I am probably going to be a mess!

Here is lil' sister - not too happy that John was getting to go to school today, and she had to stay home.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Some thoughts...

As the clock ticks down to the 1/2 marathon my mind is consumed with thoughts of my friend Liz who suddenly passed away in Jan. For those that don't know we did our first 1/2 marathon together in 2006. I so smile as I write that because I remember like it was yesterday. I smile because it snowed on that day - who runs a 1/2 in the snow? Well I looked at the forecast for Mother's day today.... no snow thankfully, but it looks like rain is coming. It makes me smile. All the training all the hardwork, and well it will probably pour rain! That is ok I smile cuz there is no way I would back out. I smile because I know Liz will be with me. I smile cuz if I don't the tears come streaming down. I still miss my friend, everyday I think of her. I wish she were here to run it with me. I ofcourse made the decision to train for this 1/2 on my own, but part of me wants to do it for her as well. Everyday when I think of her I think of one of her favorite songs
"Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in"

I know you hear the song on every freakin' commercial but it is so true. Only you can feel the rain, only you can go after your dreams. Sitting on the couch doesn't get you closer to your dreams ~ go after your dreams what ever your dreams may be ~ Go get em!

Here is me at the finish in 2006 - 35 pounds heavier! Who says you can't change things in your life? Woo hoo for me!! Still have the same coat I will probably wear it @ the race - hey it is bright, and I kind find myself in every photo very quickly! It works!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kirkland Half course!

This is the course for the 1/2 I am running this coming weekend. Pretty darn excited about it!

Went 11.4 miles today ran with my friend Kalei she had to slow down for me, but it was great to run with her!

calories burned: 1650
I was running faster than I normally would, so we met somewhere in the middle - although I did have to walk a bit more than usual cuz my heart rate would get up there! But so cool to do this with friends!

Can't wait for next weekend: Not only am I running with lots of people from the RTH / RTB teams I am also running with two friends from highschool! Yeah!! So cool. I am trying to convince them both to do the Full Marathon...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Some quotes

"It's supposed to be hard. If it was easy than everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.”
Tom Hanks, A League of their Own

"We have two options in life both medically and emotionally, give up or fight like hell. "
Lance Armstrong

“I know what I have to do now, I’ve got to keep breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?”
Tom hanks, Castaway

"Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.”
Panalope Cruz, Vanilla Sky

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”
Tim Robbins, Shawshank Redemption

These are some of my favorite quotes... a friend shared some with me today and I thought I would then share mine with you!