Monday, May 12, 2008

Pics from Kirkland

I didn't get any pics of the 1/2... so as I get them emailed to me I will post them.
here is the Raise the Hope Team! I am on the bottom right... didn't think I could stand up after the pic!

me at the finish!

the only photo I took, camera was left in the trunk! This is my two lifelong friends, Kalei and Amy! You guys rocked it! Kalei's time 2:22 and Amy's 2:20 All smiles before the race!
this is when I saw the RTH team waiting at the finish!

You can't say I don't take in air!
Here is the rock star Julia 100 meters from her first 5k! So proud of her!

Julia and I after our races!


Marcy said...

Ok first, CONGRATS!! On the 1/2!! Holy Wow that's a HUGE time chunk taken off! Sweet!

Awesome pics, chica!! ;D ;D

Viv said...

WTG Em!! It is a strong time taken off. I hope I can do as well as you chickie! Congrats again!!

IronJenny said...

You guys look great! Congrats!!!

Megan said...

great pictures! everyone looks like they are having so much fun! makes me want to race again!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! I love pictures...thanks for sharing them!

You guys all did an awesome job!!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Love the pictures! WTG! Awesome time.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Love the photos!! Thx for sharing. :)

Carly said...

Congratulations! You did awesome!!! Great Pictures.

bill carter said...

Congrats on your fantastic half! That is an absolutely amazing performance and such a great PR.. isn't it nice to know that all that training pays off??

I love the pictures because they show such a sense of joy and accomplishment.

Best of luck to you with the training.