Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I thought I would share this story with you all.

John was out riding his Spiderman bike, and he was riding up and down the driveway as I pulled weeds. (the front yard is about 1/2 done!!) So he we were talking and he said two things to me, the first one he said was when he was at church God told him he was going to be fast! Really how can you argue with that? I said well you are going to be really fast then, he said "yes mama I know". Then a little while later he came back over and he had his hand on his brake of the bike, I asked him if he knew what it did, no he didn't . I told him it was the brake for when you needed to slow down. He looked at me so seriously and said, "why would I slow down?" So I told him sometimes you have to stop for cars or people.
"Oh, ok." was his reply. Too cute.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just a couple of clowns!

Grandma Mary is taking the kids to a fair today. she is running a couple of kids games, so whe asked John and Josie if they wanted to dress up. Yes was ofcourse the answer.

Too Cute!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to... Grandpa John!

It was Grandpa John's 65th Birthday yesterday!

Josie sang Happy Birthday ALL day long to Grandpa. It was fun the first 30 times, then well it kind of lost the fun factor! Although she is a good singer and performer.

I don't have any photos of Grandpa, but I do have some of the cake I made for him.... you know it's all about the food!

John wanted to make Grandpa a car cake, so this was my best attempt! Not too bad.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The sun is shining.

So today the sunshine is out, the kids are doing well and it's a good day. I wish I had some miraculous news but well I don't . Just a normal day. I had a good mother's day. We all went bowling. Then let the kids play at a couple of parks. It was a very relaxing day and lot s of fun.

Thank you for the relaxing and fun day yesterday. It was really nice.


Monday, May 07, 2007

Pictures from Greensburg, KS

This is what is left of Angelique and Travis Libby's home in Greensburg, KS. As you can see it is a total loss. You can see the story below of what happened. The address is below if you wish to send gift cards, they escaped with the clothes on their backs. They are in need of everything. They must rebuild their lives. Please keep them in your prayers, I can't imagine the emotional torture they are going through right now.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Family members are alive!

As I write this, I can't believe that yet again tragedy has struck in the lives of one of our family members. Derrick's cousin Angelique who lives in Greensburg, KS ** correction was made ( I always say Oklahoma for some reason, sorry I sent it out wrong on the email too) they live in Kansas! ** escaped the tornado that tore threw their town last night. The family escaped with literally the clothes on their backs. The family heard the warning siren go off, and quickly left their home and drove to Angiliques work to warn co-workers of the tornado. Angiliques family took cover under a desk, where Angilique held onto her two girls, while her husband laid on top of them. The building was left in shambles. She said it seemed like a freght train was going over the top of them. It seemed to last for 10 minutes, but they believe it was all over within a couple of minutes.

The family has lost everything, their home, their cars, all possessions. There is nothing left of what they used to call home. cnn is reporting that 90% of the town they live in, is gone.

I would like to say I am so happy and thankful that Angilique, Travis and their two little girls are alive! 7 people lost their lives in this tornado, so I praise God that they were able to survive.

I am starting a collection to help out their family. I will be asking churches and other local community businesses and people for donations of giftcards. **** Update 5/6/07 The family is currently staying with their inlaws until other arrangements can be made. I have found out that their is a Walmart in the area for both clothes and food... Visa gift cards can typically be purchased at your bank, that can be used at any store that accepts visa. The grocery store chain in the area is Dillon I am told it is part of Kroger. If you would like to send a gift card, or regular card to show support for the family.**** You can mail it to:

Travis and Angelique Libby

c/o Helen Libby

1653 200th Ave

Lewis, KS 67552

Thank you all for your support. Please lift them up in prayer.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

You do the math... @ .31 it added up to only $4.00!!

Hopefully you all heard about the $0.31 scoop that Baskin and Robbins had on sale yesterday! Money went to support the Fallen Firefighters Fund, so ofcourse we had to go support a great cause. We had so much fun at the first Baskin and Robbins, well we had to go to another one! Yes we went to two Baskin and Robbins, we actually could have stayed and ate more at the first one, but it was fun to go to a different one too. So to justify all the icecream scoops, they were smaller than normal! (yes that makes me feel better) Next year I will let you know about it before hand so you can all go, it was nationwide! Pretty cool.