Thursday, May 03, 2007

You do the math... @ .31 it added up to only $4.00!!

Hopefully you all heard about the $0.31 scoop that Baskin and Robbins had on sale yesterday! Money went to support the Fallen Firefighters Fund, so ofcourse we had to go support a great cause. We had so much fun at the first Baskin and Robbins, well we had to go to another one! Yes we went to two Baskin and Robbins, we actually could have stayed and ate more at the first one, but it was fun to go to a different one too. So to justify all the icecream scoops, they were smaller than normal! (yes that makes me feel better) Next year I will let you know about it before hand so you can all go, it was nationwide! Pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

13 scoops!!! you should have shot for 31! :) that's only 8 scoops a person ;) breakfast, lunch and dinner! yummy.


Marcie said...

Man, I wish I had known! Darn you know me & a good deal! HA!