Thursday, September 17, 2009

Muttin Bustin!

Josie and John both rode sheep at the Puyallup fair last Friday. They call it Muttin Bustin... I knew John would want to do it but wasn't so sure of Josie being all gung-ho. Ofcourse she wanted to do it too. So away they both went, it was so fun to watch and the kids had a blast. We purchased the video so I will put it up soon. However we found out that Josie was on Komo 4 news here in Seattle! Quick clip of her - but oh so cute @ 4 years old.

Here is a link, if the video doesn't work.
More pics to follow!

Hopefully the video is below.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sekui 2009

We have had a pretty busy and crazy summer. This so I haven't posted since after the fiasco surgery in June. I am all healed and doing well. Here are some pictures from our fishing trip in Sekui, WA. We have gone with Grandma and Grandpa Cotton for the past 7 years... out of all the years, this was the best year for "fish caught!"

John Isaac caught his first fish, all by himself! Then he kept going, he limited on his fish when ever he went out on the boat! (Of course every fish that we got a bite on was then his!)

Detrix became a wonderful navigator this year, he drove the boat in and out of all the other boats and in and out of the kelp beds. He tended to fall asleep if he was watching the rods! (hmmmm, teens sure can sleep alot) I am sure it had nothing to do with getting up at 4:30 am to go fishing!

Here is the crew after a great trip out!

We had many great outings this year, we learned many new things about the boat. I have successfully learned how to backlash a down rigger, no one else can seem to do this! (this is a rare and finally tuned skill - Grandpa would not like me to teach to anyone!)

We also learned that "balls up!" is a new boating term!

Josie and I hanging on the boat.... funny story. We put the crab pots out to see if we could get any crab. They haven't gotten many up in Sekui in the last few years but we thought we try and it would be fun for the kids to see how it works. So we put in the fish head and all the other fun stuff, off we go to drop the pots. we go out fishing and then later go find the pots and raise them up to see if we got crabs. Well we load up the kids, Grandpa and I on the boat to go find the pots... we search and search .... and search some more and go all over the area where we think we left the pot. But we can't fidn the pot! 1/2 hour later still can't find the pot! Now we are thinking maybe someone hit the crab pot line and the pot is gone forever. We find every other pot out in the area, but still not ours. We head back in after an hour of searching. Grandma meets us on the dock, saying, "well did you get any?" Our response was, no we couldn't find the pot! "You drove right by it!" she says. Grandpa and I are less then pleased with her at this moment. "Fine then, show me where the pot is, we searched everywhere and couldn't find it!"Grandpa said (ever so kindly). Grandma jumps in the boat and heads right to the pot! Grrrrrr. We had driven around the pot for an hour and never did see it! Grandma knew right where it was. So we get the pot up and......


We did have a very nice ride!

Josie and I hanging on the boat!
We have no pics of Grandma this year... and here is one of the only ones we have of Grandpa..... great isn't it?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Goals

I had goals for this summer of running another half marathon, a few sprint triathlons thrown in there too... no big deal I thought. I am in pretty good shape. Then I find myself in the hospital for 8 days wondering how I will be able to get out of bed and make it to the bathroom. Things change, goals change in a blink of an eye. I am okay with that. So now my summer goals are redrawn... maybe a sprint triathlon in Sept. last of the race season. 1/2 marathon in Oct. A little rushed for a goal? maybe. Doable? I think so. Considering I now can't do anything for 4 weeks after surgery. The fact I can now walk to the bathroom, I am well very pleased about that! It is all in the perspective.

Our family has had our share of trials. crap, sh#$. what ever you want to call it. I call it life. With this last set of things we have gone through, our 16 year old in the hosp. and then me in the hosp. there has been some grumblings from other people as to why this happens. Here are the scenerios.

A) Things happen to you because you have done something to deserve them.
B) God doesn't give you more than you can handle
C) You have been attacked by the (enter here what ever the word you like) demons, devil, evil.

A. So the ideais that things keep happening to us because of something we are doing. OK If that is the theory, just how does that play out? In the "organized religion" thinking there must be a door left open or a window for bad things to be let in so that these bad things keep happening. What the heck does that even mean? This line of thinking makes no sense to me at all. In this theory maybe I didn't pray enough therefor these bad things are happening? My response. Are you kidding me? So everything bad that happens in the world only happens to people that believe in God because they have something in their lives they need to pray against? What about the people that don't believe in God or a higher power, what if something bad happens to them? Does the theory still hold up? Nope.

B. Ah the ever popular God doesn't give you more than you can handle thought. I get the theory. I take much pride in what our family has been through. We know pain, we have depth. This wasn't our first rodeo ride, it didn't shake us. We stand strong. So OK I get that. But what of the people that have never had anything major happen in their lives? What about them? You have never been given anything difficult, because you can't handle it. What does that say of that persons character? Do they have any? How would we define it? We can't because they have never been through anything. God doesn't trust you can handle it?
Pretty slippery slope if we go down that route isn't it?

C. The last one that has come up is you keep being attacked by (whatever you want to call it) Again this is more in the "organized religion". If this is the case well, I smile from the inside out, I smile from ear to ear like a chester cat. I smile and a I smirk and I laugh out loud! I say then I must be doing something right in the kingdom of God to have the devil worried about little ol' me. Why aren't you being attacked? Shouldn't you be?

No matter the scenario or what you want to call it, I like to just say life happens. Life is messy. There are good times and bad times, and things you do that hurt yourself, and things that others do to you that hurt you. And well, sometimes just .... things happen for no reason at all. They just happen. For me I just do my best to get up everyday and press on. What ever comes into my life today I will worry about it then. Forthe "religious people" out there, the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. Let's get through the rain together.

So I am counting down the 4 weeks until I can start working out again... nothing for sure for two weeks, then I can start walking and possbily biking. I will take it slow one day at a time.

Friday, May 29, 2009

A new addition to the power show!

Derrick and Jimmy did an awesome powershow tonight. They were talking to a group of at risk teens about focusing on positive things instead of negative things. They also talked about steering away from drugs, and what road that can lead you on... They came in with a bang and shocked the kids as they jumped up on the tables and popped pop cans, and sprayed the pop all over! It is a great attention grabber.

Derrick called little John up and gave him a small phone book, and little John worked with all he had, and really ripped the phone book! When he was done, he threw the pages in the air, and yelled, just like Dad and Jimmy did! It was really cool to watch little John up there with all the big guys - John will change this world, just watch!

Both Jimmy and Derrick have hearts for helping people, and this show really had them at their best. Even in trying times, you can still help others... after all if you can't share with others what is the point of going through all of this crap? Here are some of the pictures from this evening.

Derrick talking about obstacles.
Jimmy after breaking the bricks (I missed the shot, Jimmy was too quick! -but I like this picture)

The kids tried to pull Jimmy and Derrick apart, but they couldn't do it!
Derrick broke 2 sets of handcuffs tonight! The first pair he did, he just did as part of the show. Then at the end of the show, he told the kids that we had been going through some things with our son, Detrix and he was in the hospital. He told the kids he was breaking the cuffs for Detrix, as Derrick broke the cuffs everyone in the room shouted out Detrix' name. It was a powerful moment. We will overcome. (This is Derrick right after he broke the cuffs)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Blog - Go ahead read it, great news ahead!

I know my posts haven't been as frequent recently, I think I needed a little break from blogging. I am beginning to miss it, so I am sure my ramblings of life will be frequent - very soon! Great news for you I am sure! I am not running the full marathon in June, just didn't get started at the proper time to give myself enough training. But I am going to do a 1/2 marathon in October. Then maybe the Seattle full we will take it day by day. Triathlon season is fast approaching and I am getting pretty excited. I don't know how many races I will be in, but I am just happy to start some more outside training. The last couple of weeks have been rough trying to get outside with sideways rain, well isn't exactly making me get all gung ho to run or ride. I have not stopped riding all winter - so I am happy about that! That is my update for now.

...... for the other news... the new blog! My hubby who is a chaplain has decided to start a blog. He has always been the most positive person I know and has helped me to become an optimistic person as well. Let's just say I was the "It will never work" person growing up. My husband on the other hand has always had a very positive attitude. So he has decided to write down his thoughts on various things including his understanding of God.

Those of you who know us personally know that Derrick suffered a stroke on June 24th of 2006.(Press here to view the first post after the stroke) It left him paralyzed on his left side. On July 7,2006 he was miraculously healed and walked out of the hospital to the amazement and disbelief of his doctors. (Press here to view the post after he was healed) To say that event has changed our lives is well an understatement. It changes how you view people and circumstances.

So, go take a look at his new blog and let him know what you think!! Blog is: Have a great day!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun

I have got to get pictures of Josie in her ballet class up - but here are some new photos of the kids that Grandma Mary took when they spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa Lou's house this past weekend.
This last photo is of John "helping" Grandpa Lou dig up the septic, the funny thing is they were at there other granparents last week, with Granpa John and Grandma Priscilla doing the same digging! Too funny.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Judo- chop!

Little John is taking Judo. He is learning all the moves and working hard. His favorite part is wearing his Gi, or as he calls it - his costume! Got to love it.

You can imagine what happened when little John did his first kick against this little boy ~ oops right in the privates~...... I didn't mean to.... he felt really bad. *on a side note* don't mess with little John!

Very happy wearing his Gi.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I fought Joe Rogan!

For those of you that watch the UFC fights, you are familiar with the announcer Joe Rogan (used to be of Fear Factor Fame) He announces all the fights, and with our group of fight watchers - annoys the day lights out of them with his comments. He says he has fought, or uses the words, when I was in that position... it is a hard position to get out of..... however if you google him - nothing comes up with fighting.... (he claims on his bio he is a black belt, yada yada yada but no footage on you tube.......rumor is he fought once with BJ Penn in Hawaii, years ago in a sparring match... anyway no footage of such fight exists currently on the internet......if you have seen footage of Joe Rogan fighting send me the link!

So we had to get these shirts done!
Detrix. Derrick and Uncle JohnThis is the UFC crew that comes to watch all the PPV fights

Uncle John and Detrix

They couldn't quite get Bill..... you would think they could get him?? wouldn't ya?

The next day we had a Super Bowl party!!

It's a crazy buch for Superbowl!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance!

There are things our children do that at the time they do it, you just can't laugh. It is very funny, but you can't laugh. This was one of those times.

My (just turned 4) 4 year old, Josie was playing with handcuffs. Now before you all roll on the floor laughing of why we have police handcuffs, get your minds out of the gutter. Derrick breaks the handcuffs when he does his power shows (as well as phone books, bricks of ice, re bar and bricks!) So she grabbed the hand cuffs I told her I don't know where the keys are please don't play with them. I knew I should have taken them from her, but I didn't so ..... she of course she hand cuffed her feet together. Pretty funny she couldn't walk and would fall over. I wasn't real happy as I searched the house and couldn't find the key. Derrick was on his way up north to a business meeting when I called to find out where the rest of the keys and handcuffs were so I could get them off her. Got the extra key - can't get the hand cuffs off. Josie by now is getting a bit worried it has been 15 min. I am now getting more and more ticked, because I can't get them off. After trying and trying I finally got one side off but I can't get the other side off. I am by now pretty angry that the cuff is still on her! It is about 10:30 am. John goes to his bus at noon. I don't have enough time to drive out to my mom's house and have Uncle John or Grandpa take them off and get him to school.... so Josie sat on the couch, with one hand cuff on her leg and waited until John caught his bus then we drove over to Grandma's . Uncle John was working at their house, so he could help us get the cuffs off. I thought about driving to a police station, or fire station - but I really wasn't in the mood to answer why we had the hand cuffs in the first place, and have them look at me all weird. Plus we have had an unfortunate incident with a cop a while back, so Josie is a bit afraid of police officers. So we went to my parents house. Uncle John has a straight face on, staring at her - Grandpa is staring at her straight faced - Grandma straight faced staring at her - and me too. Poor girl looked like she was on trial! All sunken down looking sad. At this point I wanted to laugh, cuz really it is pretty funny, but I just couldn't.... (Grandma looked at me, and whispered don't make me laugh! So we went in the other room and laughed) Uncle John assessed the hand cuff situation and realized they were broken. (that is why I couldn't get them off!) After a few trips to Grandpa's shop, Uncle John freed little Josie. She was pretty thankful and I don't' think she will be playing with hand cuffs any time soon. No pictures, sorry. Just imagine Josie sitting on the couch, handcuffed with four adults staring at her! Too funny. Oh the things kids do.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It has been a while, sorry running shoes, I knew you would have a bit of a break after the marathon training - I didn't mean for it to run in the months time frame instead of weeks....

Last night I started my love/hate relationship again with running. Just to prove to myself I could I did 5 miles... and you know what? I did it! I was slow, but it felt good to be out there in the 31' weather. I missed the soul searching I do on runs, I missed the complaining I do in my head, I missed the trail. The trail and I are friends you see. I know all the corners and what lies around them - in winter well I pretty much have the trail to myself this is both a blessing and curse - I love it cuz I don't worry about dogs knocking me over as you do in the summer time when the trail is so full - I hate it because I have these horrible thoughts of "what if" - you know the one's - what if someone is around the corner, what would I do? I decide in my head I could take on anyone who may try and attack me, after all - if they run at a slow turtles pace - I could so out run them! In my head I solve the worlds problems, and all my friends too!

Jan total: 5 miles!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

There is in every person's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.

Miss you Liz.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


The Weather channel joked it was the apocalypse, with flooding in Pacific North West and snow and ice storms in the East. . . It certainly looks that way - but the sky hasn't opened up yet with the voice of God so all is good right now. We live a block from the Cedar river, but we are in no danger of flooding and they say it crested at 10am this morning. I know people including family that have been evacuated as of late last night. If watching The Weather channel.(This picture is next to the running trail I take all the time - needless to say the running trail is under water - 2 feet of it!)
We have family and friends that were evacuated - As far as I know their homes are safe, so that is great news. It is a bit surreal to drive around the area and see the waters so high. We live near a golf course - across the street from our housing development and well, it is almost all under water - nice muddy, brown water - I called a friend just 6 miles from us, his home is ok, but he is stuck in his house, literally can't get out. Two of the major roads are closed and his car isn't high enough to get out. I told him we could come and rescue him if needed later tonight as the water level is slowly going down on that river. My SUV has a lift on it, and if needed I could test it - however I am not in favor of driving around barricades into unknown depths of water - even if it does look fun - He said he is ok with food for a couple of days so we will see what happens. I think he has hip waders, so we could probably meet him on higher ground. Thought I would give a quick update for those of you out of town on what was happening here around Seattle.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Princess turns 4!

With all of the snow, snow and more snow - we have been busy playing outside! I haven't even thought of updating.... sorry. Snow pics to come, we had over 18" of snow... craziness for the Seattle area. It is hard to tell how much we had total, because it would melt a little then we would get hit again!

Until the snow pics come, here are some fun pics of our princess who turned 4 on Dec 30th. We have a "you must buy her two gifts" rule in the house so she doesn't get jacked with the combo gifts... I think we can lift that rule if any of the grandparents want to buy her a car when she turns 16... I think that is fair. This year was pretty special, as she woke up and yelled to the house, " it is my birthday!" followed by the ever demanding, "where's my gifts?" lol. I just don't know where she gets it from..... hmmm.

I baked the cake (actually Josie made it with me) and then Grandma Mary rescued me and decorated the princess barbie cake. Josie knew exactly what she wanted and Grandma did every detail for her. Grandma Mary has the patience of a saint! Josie was extremeley - detailed in how she wanted it to look. When Grandma Mary was done - Josie was beaming... she loved it! Thank you Grandma Mary

We celebrated on her actual birthday by going out to lunch with Grandma 'Scilla and Grandpa John. (Thank you!) Then we had a family party on New Year's eve. Great time to go to Chuck E Cheeses... not really anyone there, it was nice. They played and played.

Josie with her favorite friend, Foster!
New Year's post to come with all the plans:
I have decided to do the Rock and Roll Full Marathon in June! Yeah. Training officially begins the last week of Feb. Since I have taken the holidays off.... you know Halloween to Valentines day.... true Holiday season.... OK, hopefully not all the way until Valentines day. I am pretty excited to get back out there running. It is not easy to run in almost 2' of snow!