Friday, May 29, 2009

A new addition to the power show!

Derrick and Jimmy did an awesome powershow tonight. They were talking to a group of at risk teens about focusing on positive things instead of negative things. They also talked about steering away from drugs, and what road that can lead you on... They came in with a bang and shocked the kids as they jumped up on the tables and popped pop cans, and sprayed the pop all over! It is a great attention grabber.

Derrick called little John up and gave him a small phone book, and little John worked with all he had, and really ripped the phone book! When he was done, he threw the pages in the air, and yelled, just like Dad and Jimmy did! It was really cool to watch little John up there with all the big guys - John will change this world, just watch!

Both Jimmy and Derrick have hearts for helping people, and this show really had them at their best. Even in trying times, you can still help others... after all if you can't share with others what is the point of going through all of this crap? Here are some of the pictures from this evening.

Derrick talking about obstacles.
Jimmy after breaking the bricks (I missed the shot, Jimmy was too quick! -but I like this picture)

The kids tried to pull Jimmy and Derrick apart, but they couldn't do it!
Derrick broke 2 sets of handcuffs tonight! The first pair he did, he just did as part of the show. Then at the end of the show, he told the kids that we had been going through some things with our son, Detrix and he was in the hospital. He told the kids he was breaking the cuffs for Detrix, as Derrick broke the cuffs everyone in the room shouted out Detrix' name. It was a powerful moment. We will overcome. (This is Derrick right after he broke the cuffs)

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