Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Blog - Go ahead read it, great news ahead!

I know my posts haven't been as frequent recently, I think I needed a little break from blogging. I am beginning to miss it, so I am sure my ramblings of life will be frequent - very soon! Great news for you I am sure! I am not running the full marathon in June, just didn't get started at the proper time to give myself enough training. But I am going to do a 1/2 marathon in October. Then maybe the Seattle full we will take it day by day. Triathlon season is fast approaching and I am getting pretty excited. I don't know how many races I will be in, but I am just happy to start some more outside training. The last couple of weeks have been rough trying to get outside with sideways rain, well isn't exactly making me get all gung ho to run or ride. I have not stopped riding all winter - so I am happy about that! That is my update for now.

...... for the other news... the new blog! My hubby who is a chaplain has decided to start a blog. He has always been the most positive person I know and has helped me to become an optimistic person as well. Let's just say I was the "It will never work" person growing up. My husband on the other hand has always had a very positive attitude. So he has decided to write down his thoughts on various things including his understanding of God.

Those of you who know us personally know that Derrick suffered a stroke on June 24th of 2006.(Press here to view the first post after the stroke) It left him paralyzed on his left side. On July 7,2006 he was miraculously healed and walked out of the hospital to the amazement and disbelief of his doctors. (Press here to view the post after he was healed) To say that event has changed our lives is well an understatement. It changes how you view people and circumstances.

So, go take a look at his new blog and let him know what you think!! Blog is: Have a great day!!

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