Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Locks

John pointing to the locks.

Josie and mom

Here is Uncle John and little John happily walking down to see the ships come in.

Little John is not so happy about coming back up the hill.... uh oh Uncle John you have your worked cut out for you!

how's it going Uncle John?

ok, I think big John is winning this battle!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Snoqualmie and the Falls

Today we went to the Snoqualmie Falls. With all the snow melting so fast, it is a great time to see the falls in all there glory!

My brother John, taking some photos of the falls. He is a great photographer.

A picture of the trains in Snoqualmie.

John at the falls. I am so happy there is a fence.

Here is Josie on the train tracks in the town of Snoqualmie.

Beautiful falls.... they are roaring with water.

Dad, Josie and John.

Mom and Josie at the look out of the falls.

Friday, May 19, 2006

the secret play room is done!

Well almost done - we just have to trim out the door. We sheet rocked and painted and carpeted!! OK, when I say we, well I didn't do any of it. Ryan (our house guest) did the sheet rock and mudding. Derrick painted, and Justin and Derrick carpeted. So it was an effort on everyone's part, except mine. (OK I watched the kids!!)

So here are pics of the secret room, and the newly moved around kids play room. (Ryan moved it around, after I did, and well I like the way he did it better than my idea!)

I must say - - there are two reasons we (again with the we) painted the kids play room with green paint then splothches of red.... one we had some extra red paint from the media room and thought it would be cool, and two well the tape and mudding job had a bit of bubbles through part of it, so well, this covered it up nicely, after all it is a kids play room so who cares right. Well the funny thing is, now John looks at the room and says "Daddy made a mess! Messy daddy messy!" Then he laughs. So that is the story on the kids room. It looks in the picture like blood on the walls a massacre occured. So I think we (again with the :we:) will add some other colors maybe black and blue... so it doesn't look so murderish.

Quick look at the picture closely - all the toys actually have a place for them to go!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Is it clear or blurh?

When I was younger - living with the parents we had a family eye doctor, that when he would ask you if you could see the letters on the screen would ask, is it clear or blurh? We used to laugh as a family, making fun of the way he would say it, cuz that is all he would say clear or blurh? then he would adjust the eye machine.

In the last 48 hours my eye has gone from clear.....

to blurh . . .

Yes the pic is of my two different eyes - however I think you will all get the point that my bad eye used to look like the good eye!!
I did go the the doctor today - they think it
may be a staph infection. They have started me on antibiotics, however it (the bad eye) is still swelling and is getting redder since I went to the doctor! So hopefully the meds will kick in and start doing there job soon.

Just a day in the life of Emily!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

100th Post!~

I must admit when I read Marcie's 100 post, I was kind of bummed, I thought I was soo addicted to blogging. Yet Marcie beat me to 100! Way to go Marcie! Anyway here is my 100 post. The funny thing is I don't know what to write about.

We have changed churches, and the change was hard, and yes I miss our friends and seeing them on Sundays, but I am happy to be where we are! I am enjoying getting to know new people. We still see and talk to our friends. I have never understood why people don't talk to one another if they go to different churches. That is just silly, a friend is a friend. No matter what they might go through or where they might move, they are still a friend. Friends will meet you where you are at, they will not talk behind your back, they will not cause strife on your behalf, they are a friend tried and true. Always there, always happy to lend an ear or a helping hand. I know I have tried to be a great friend, and I hope my friends see that too!

John is doing well with his potty training. He has number one down , with few if any accidents in the last few days. #2, well we don't quite have that YET! But he gets the concept, but not the exact action required! So I am sure soon he will get #2 as well.

Today I took the kids to Flaming Geyser state park. It has beena few years since I have been there. We didn't go see the Geyser, maybe we will go back and see it next week. There are big fields to play in, and the kids had lots of fun.

Josie is climbing machine and climbing on everything, so I must go take her off the changing table!


Monday, May 01, 2006

Everything goes in the toilet!

So ..... Yesterday our lovely 3 year old grabbed Derrick's phone, and in a second it was gone. We had just used it and looked everywhere trying to find it. We didn't know that John had taken it. So after searching all of the media room we finally decided to call it. It was off, weird we thought. It must be in a place we don't get cell reception in the basement. So we stop looking . . . figuring it will show up it is in someone's pocket or something. Derrick a couple of minutes later goes into use the restroom. There it is in the toilet!!! So Derrick kind of laughs, what else can you do, he is three. He comes up stairs and says, John where is daddy's cell phone. John grabs dad's hand and marches him into the bathroom and exclaims, THERE DAD! and points to the toilet! Don't you love it! He has been in straight underwear for a week now, so we are stressing using the toilet, he gets it most of the time! lol He actually has had very few accidents in the last 3 days! Yeah John.

For those of you who have older kids, you are laughing. For those with younger kids, you think my child will never do that, just wait. I said that too! Everything I have thought my child would never do that, he has done. It is part of being a kid!

Thought you all woul dappreciate the story.

Here are some old pictures I found of Derrick and I... this was taken when we went up with the youth group to go sledding, I am guessing it is 2001, but I am not sure.
So let me know what year it was.