Tuesday, May 09, 2006

100th Post!~

I must admit when I read Marcie's 100 post, I was kind of bummed, I thought I was soo addicted to blogging. Yet Marcie beat me to 100! Way to go Marcie! Anyway here is my 100 post. The funny thing is I don't know what to write about.

We have changed churches, and the change was hard, and yes I miss our friends and seeing them on Sundays, but I am happy to be where we are! I am enjoying getting to know new people. We still see and talk to our friends. I have never understood why people don't talk to one another if they go to different churches. That is just silly, a friend is a friend. No matter what they might go through or where they might move, they are still a friend. Friends will meet you where you are at, they will not talk behind your back, they will not cause strife on your behalf, they are a friend tried and true. Always there, always happy to lend an ear or a helping hand. I know I have tried to be a great friend, and I hope my friends see that too!

John is doing well with his potty training. He has number one down , with few if any accidents in the last few days. #2, well we don't quite have that YET! But he gets the concept, but not the exact action required! So I am sure soon he will get #2 as well.

Today I took the kids to Flaming Geyser state park. It has beena few years since I have been there. We didn't go see the Geyser, maybe we will go back and see it next week. There are big fields to play in, and the kids had lots of fun.

Josie is climbing machine and climbing on everything, so I must go take her off the changing table!



The Riley's said...

A really good friend of mine gave me this scripture not to long ago and it really spoke into my heart.

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend.

You have been my friend tried and true! I appreciate you more that you will ever know.... Thank you!


"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Congrats on the 100th post! Good luck with th potty training. Grace also doesn't do well with the #2. I read somewhere that they have a hard time with it because they consider it a part of them??? What?? I know! Well good luck with that. Glad to know that you are happy with your new church.

Mackenzie said...

I love you my friend! I'm so proud that you steped out & thank you for your encouragement when we talked the other day! I'm so proud of you both! I have seen so much growth in you! Thank you for showing me who Jesus is just by being you!

Marcie said...

Eh, apparantly I have nothing better to do then leave random things on my blog!! That is the only way I made it. Besides a lot of stuff I copy from emails & paste as a blog entry so I sort of cheat!!
I hear ya about going to a new church & staying in touch with friends. That was a hard transition for James & I when we left too. It was like we left & became JW's or something!!
We too are very happy where we are right now as well & I'm happy for the 2 of you!! Leaving a church you are deeped rooted in not just with friendships & because of history is hard to break away from. But at the same time, you just know its time to move on... And being in God's will about that kind of stuff I pretty important too! :)
Thanks for reading my blog & being a friend to me even though we haven't really known one another much over the years.
And when I wrote my 100th blog I didnt' know what to write either. Was hoping I would have something dynamic & life changing to say, but it wasn't like that--more like Blog BLOCK! Aka: writers block!
Talk to ya soon!