Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Vision Quest

I have been slacking on the updating - - Thanksgiving was great, lots of food and lots of company, I did make Jell-o and it was the best damn Jell-o ever! lol.

Detrix made the wrestling team! (Varsity squad too) It is the first year he has wrestled, we are so excited for him. All the years of wrestling dad have paid off, he is one strong 15 year old. He says I have a wrestling meet, do you want to come? Of course we do. Dad drops him off at 6:30 am.... is this crazy - 6:30 am.... he says the meet starts at 10:00. We have never been to one - in oh 18 years! So we have no idea what this entails...
(Detrix is the one with the red showing beneath his blue sweat suit)

We load up the kids (reminder they are 3 and 5) and get there promptly at 10:00. It isn't just a meet it is a full tournament! Very cool there were all the schools in his league attending. So they start at the lower weights and work up.

The entire time I am there - I am thinking and remembering the movie Vision Quest.... I was in (ahem -so more like 23 or 24 years ago... ) Jr. High and we had some soon to be wrestling prodigies at our high school... that's right folks I don't have the remember when... stories of golden years for myself, I have to live through other athletes in my class! lol. (We had many state champions through out my high school years) I remember watching this movie - maybe it was because the guy was suppose to be from Spokane, WA - a mere 5 hour drive away... that is why we all loved the movie?? hmmm. Maybe I wanted to date a wrestler, me date, I never dated... Jr. high? dating? lol. I am going way back here. Most of this period in my life I have blocked out... but for some reason I remember Vision Quest.... weird I know..... back to my step-son and his wrestling!

First surprise you pay to get in! Not a big deal, had we known, trip to the ATM problem solved. We waited and waited and had fun watching all the wrestlers warm up.... running around the circle of the mat, again... flash backs to the movie... you just have to rent it if you don't remember it ... very intense scenes.... lol.

About noon Detrix gets to wrestle.....

Detrix did so great - he has never wrestled for a team so he is up against guys that know all the moves, he lost the first match in points... he is super strong and a quick learner. His coach says every practice he is learning and growing as a wrestler. He shot his way out of two tough moves, and never gave up.

The second match - was around 3:30... he was so pumped up for the match, I knew he really wanted to do well. He showed all heart, he had the guy beat right up until he got caught ... and pinned. He did so well, he was strong and showed no fear of getting in there and doing his best! We are very proud of him and can't wait to be there for his next meet. I can't wait to see how much he grows this season.

John and Josie were troopers.. we were there for over five hours, and they were super happy to watch their big brother wrestle! Little John looks up to him and wants to be just like him, Detrix is setting a great example for little John.
Our weekend was packed full, Friday was my Bunco night - I won money!! Yeah! (I hardly ever win, last year I won a whopping $1o.00) Saturday was the tournament and Sunday the boys went to the Seahawks game, while I took Josie on a early birthday treat(birthday is 12-30, she will be 4!!) to the Rainforest Restaurant, she has a love hate relationship with the monkey section... she loves to see them, but is terrified of them at the same time. We had lots of fun, us girls!