Saturday, July 29, 2006

Breaking things again!

Well Derrick is back into the swing of things. He and Jimmy did a powershow today Saturday! It was pretty cool Derrick got to tell his story of the stroke... and how God performed a miracle on him. There was big dudes with tears in there eyes! It is great to see what is happening with this situation. Peoples lives are foerver being changed, it is awesome to see!

Here is Derrick breaking a big brick of ice over Jimmy's chest. ** After reading the post I had to add that it was a 300 lb. brick of ice - and Jimmy was on a bed of nails!** Derrick also popped pop cans, and ripped a total of 4 phone books.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Its a Fire folks

As most of you know our home was burnt to the ground lets see - almost 2 years ago. 18 months actually. So the story I am about to tell you well you may find it funny. Was a bit too much after everything we have been through in the past month.

I went out and lit the BBQ, so we could cook some steak. We had friends over that night. Shanda looks out, after a while and says something to the effect of look at the BBQ! So look out and there are flames coming out of the BBQ - underneath the BBQ. It is a stainless steal BBQ with two doors that open to a propane tank. The whole underneath where the propane tank is, was on fire! Shanda said something to the effect of needing a fire extinguisher... so I thought yes we have one! Ran up to our master bathroom where it has been sitting on the counter since we bought it 6 months ago. Can't find it... scan the bathroom don't see it. I then run to look underneath the bed, where we have a second story ladder we bought too. Fo some reason I start to open the package.... yes I am not thinking clearly all of my calmness by now is gone in an emergency - I am panicking! While I am doing absolutley nothing to help the situation Liz who is staying with us,( while her and her husband are waiting to move back into there home) runs down stairs and calmly says to Derrick, "we need you upstairs" not wanting to panick him. He says, "what?" again, " we need you upstairs", "what?", Liz then says, " Fire!" Poor Derrick looks out and sees the BBQ and all the flames and comes running up stairs. Passes me in the bedroom I am still looking at the ladder, he grabs the fire extinguisher and starts to put out the fire. I finally put down the ladder and go down stairs and call 911. We don't know at this point if the hose broke, or what is happening so we are scared the propane tank is going to blow... on the phone with 911 I pretty much am no help to them all's I can say is the grill is on fire... where says the operater? on the deck. "is it close to your house?" yes! oh my God it can't burn down again, what? says the operator? the house. it has burned down already. By this point Derrick had got the fire out, and had bravely gone back to turn off the propane. I say to the operator, it is out it is out! She says well I can cancel the firetruck then.... I said yes. She then asked me for our name, not thinking I just said, " they know who we are, they have been here a few times!" I then told her my husband had been airlifted less then month ago to Harborview... oh my God was all she could say. Hung up with her - and a few minutes later we got a knock on the door the fire dept was here... I am sure our neighbors love us! Think we are the biggest weirdos ever! Walk out side and down the driveway with them and explain the situation.... no problem. Then they ask how the chaplain is (Derrick ofcourse!) so I tell them that he was healed and the look on the fireman's face - well is priceless. One is a believer in God you can tell and is smiling ear to ear the other one - has a look of complete disbelief on his face but is happy to hear none the less. So there is our BBQ story. Thankful we had the fire extinguisher!! Glad that Derrick was home to help! Thank God.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Back to life as a Young

Well we weren't home for just two nights from the hospital, when well another crazy thing happened to us. At around 4:00 am Liz (who is staying with us) heard someone running down the driveway, then try to open the front door. She ran up to our bedroom and woke me up saying someone tried to get into the house. I didn't want to wake up Derrick so I jumped up. I then went and peered out the master bath window. As I looked up to the highway I saw one police car already at the road, and another one pulling up. Our property borders the highway so they (the police) weren't on our property just up on the highway. After a brief discussion with Liz - I was exhausted - I decided that she should let me know if the police came back. Then about an hour and a 1/2 later the sheriff knocked on our door. The sheriff was returning a pair of shoes the person that ran down the driveway had stolen from our house. (The kicker here is they were Liz's shoes!) The sheriff wanted us to know that they had taken them and the person had barefeet, when they put them on so the sheriff didn't want to just drop them off. Evidently the suspect had crashed a car not far from here - and then ran down our road fleeing from the police. However since we live on a dead end it wasn't the best choice for the suspect, after taking the shoes he then ran through the sticker bushes were he was aprehended on the highway. I would love to know what the suspect looked like after running through the sticker bushes!
Seriously I can't make up the stuff that happens to us, it is truly crazy!! Have a good day.

By the way - Derrick is doing good. Feeling better than ever! He is actually out cleaning the deck... that is another story and another 911 call, that we did a couple of days ago, I will tell you the story later... again... can't make this stuff up life just happens sometimes!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Miracles still happen!

Added note from Emily: Since some of you don't know what happened leading up to this... scroll down and read more - and quickly June 24th Derrick was Helicoptered from our home to Harborview he was on life support when he landed at the hosp. He was also in a coma. We don't know how long he was in a coma for sure because they sedate you so you don't pull the tubes out. @24 hours into this ordeal they tried to take Derrick off of life support and he wasn't able at that time to breathe on his own. When he did come out of the coma he was unable to move his left side..... the rest you can read about here....... thanks....

I will write about this whole experience later from the biginning moments to what has occurred today later. Right now I want to let you all know that Derrick and I are HOME!!

Believe what you will about God. I will tell you that God is as real today as he was when the bible was written. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. With that said I will say either you believe that God is real or you don't. But if you believe that God is real then you believe that Jesus was the Son of God who came to earth and then died on the cross for our sins, he was risen from the dead and now sits on the right hand of our Father (God).

With that said I will tell you what occured today in our lives.

Derrick was in the hospital bed, pastor Jimmy, and a friend of ours Greg began to pray over Derrick. I don't know how long into praying it was but Derrick began to shake uncontrollably. Both sides of his body. His right and left arms and his right and left leg. Derrick said to us my arm is burning, it is hot. We kept praying. Again not sure how long it was, but I looked up at Derrick and his hand was raised up he was holding it up on his own. He couldn't do that earlier in the day. We kept praying and thanking God for Derrick's strength to return. Derrick kept shaking, and shaking. He told us he could feel his arm, really feel his arm it was not numb. We then all began to focus on Derrick's leg. Thanking God for the circulation to return, thanking God for full strength. He then bent his knee up! Again he could not do this earlier in the day!!! Kept thanking God and thanking God asking for full strength. When we stopped praying Derrick scooted himself up by his left leg, the one he couldn't feel earlier in the day. He now can feel his arm and leg! He was physically exhausted after this happened. Jimmy and Greg left, and Derrick rested for about a half hour. About an hour after we had all prayed Derrick was suppose to go to physical therapy for the second time today. He stood up and sat in a chair and waited for the physical therapist. When they came into the room. He asked Derrick some questions and just kind of looked at him, in disbelief. After having Derrick move his left arm around. He said to Derrick, do you wanna walk now? Derrick stood up and walked. After doing some more basic movement tests Derrick walked out of the hospital bed. A second physical therapist was following Derrick with a walker and after half way down the large hallway on his floor she looked at me and said I feel like an idiot, with this and put the walker aside.

Derrick went into the gym, where he did everything the physical therapsit asked him to do. The physical therapist that had seen him earlier. Her mouth dropped when Derrick entered. She couldn't even focus on the other patient she had in there! When we walked back to Derrick's room all the nurses on the floor, well there mouths were wide open and were completely staring at Derrick. Silent.

Shortly after that Derrick saw another therpasit to see if he had "everyday function" they brought his to a mock kitchen where he fried an egg. The occupational therapist told Derrick she had seen us earlier praying for Derrick and she quoted scripture saying the scripture (my paraphrasing here) Where two or more are gathered God is in the midst!

We then got the discharge orders at 4:00 about 3 1/2 hours after God healed Derrick through prayer!!

When Derrick walked out of the hospital all the nurses started clapping and all the patients in the common area too. They had all just witnessed a miracle. God is REAL.

Words can't describe how in awe of God I am , I literally watched a miracle take place! Praise God. Praise God.

I am going to go hug and sit with my husband in his theater!!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

First Steps

Derrick took 3 steps today!! 2 were fully assisted by the therapists and the 3rd one was almost on his own. We are very happy about this progress.

I'll keep you posted on any more changes as they happen.

Cell phone

Some of you got my text message last night. I normally use 1400 of my 3000 minutes on my cell phone. Well in 9 days I well over 2000 and I don't want to go over the 3000 I get for the month. So I am currently using our other line right now. Please call my normal cell number to get the new number. It is only until the billing cycle ends this month in July. I figured as long as I have it I will use it~

I want to thank you all for the support we have been getting it has been absolutely wonderful.



Tuesday, July 04, 2006

We moved to Providence@Swedish campus

Want to clarify something really quick. I just read the first post I made - and I said Derrick could move his arm fully - I realized it sounds like Derrick could actually physically move his arm by himself fully that isn't quite what I meant. Yes he has full movement meaning his arm was not locked in one position. He has gotten a tad more physical movement in his arm back, again baby steps here are huge! Sorry for any confusion. Want to give out the best and most accurate information so bare with me - I am exhausted and tired and overwhelmed right now. I am doing my best in this unchartered waters of my life.



Cannot tell you how much more relaxed this is (at Providence Swedish campus) already is for both Derrick and I. Harborview literally saved Derrick's life and that is what is important to know about Harborview. If you ever need critical trauma care Harborview is where you WANT to be. Enough said.

Looking at the time - I need to go to bed. "Official" rehab will start tomorrow. I will keep you posted as often as I can. Go hug your husbands or wives and tell them that you love them. Don't take one moment for granted. Life might be too short!


Saturday, July 01, 2006

July 1st -

How is it already July 1st?

Derrick is still at Harborview, will probably be moved Monday to Swedish - we thought he would be moved Fri as you might have seen, however due to red tape, and Holiday weekend it now looks as if Mon might happen. When it is finalized I will let you know - I didn't know it would take this long or I wouldn't have said anything... learning hospital politics and Dr's ego's aren't always what you think they should be.

Neurologists are brain Dr's who think they are God - so happy that I know who I serve - and it isn't a neurologist! Very thankful for all the Dr's they just lack a good bedside manner. But that is ok if they are great at what they do I can put up with a jerk! - You just have to be assertive and luckily I already have that skill down! As my friends know - when I am on a mission don't mess with me - I get things done. Derrick and his health are my mission - so Nothing will get in my way to get him what he needs to recover!

Long drama story on why the move - I will spare you all the juicy gossipy details! (See I haven't lost my sense of humor) but really it is a good story!! What matters is Derrick's care - and I am getting him the best.

Small strides, are great strides right now - and he can move his left arm side to side! that is new and awesome!! He can't lift his arm, however he held it up after it was brought up by the physical therapist. Again good news!

Staying strong as we can right now - walking this road of faith. As the scripture says (via the Emily memory) Though 10,000 may fall on my right, and 10,000 may fall on my left, no evil will come near my dwelling..... Well I have already witnessed the 10,000 fall on both sides and it is a little frightening even though I KNOW God has his hand on the situation. Picture the image of 10,000 - falling and you standing alone.... well no matter how you picture it is scary.... that is how we feel. The picture is scary right this moment. But the view over all is AWESOME!! Full recovery is in our view.

Tired and its past my bedtime.... Thanks for the prayers, and all the help. Really appreciate it.