Saturday, July 01, 2006

July 1st -

How is it already July 1st?

Derrick is still at Harborview, will probably be moved Monday to Swedish - we thought he would be moved Fri as you might have seen, however due to red tape, and Holiday weekend it now looks as if Mon might happen. When it is finalized I will let you know - I didn't know it would take this long or I wouldn't have said anything... learning hospital politics and Dr's ego's aren't always what you think they should be.

Neurologists are brain Dr's who think they are God - so happy that I know who I serve - and it isn't a neurologist! Very thankful for all the Dr's they just lack a good bedside manner. But that is ok if they are great at what they do I can put up with a jerk! - You just have to be assertive and luckily I already have that skill down! As my friends know - when I am on a mission don't mess with me - I get things done. Derrick and his health are my mission - so Nothing will get in my way to get him what he needs to recover!

Long drama story on why the move - I will spare you all the juicy gossipy details! (See I haven't lost my sense of humor) but really it is a good story!! What matters is Derrick's care - and I am getting him the best.

Small strides, are great strides right now - and he can move his left arm side to side! that is new and awesome!! He can't lift his arm, however he held it up after it was brought up by the physical therapist. Again good news!

Staying strong as we can right now - walking this road of faith. As the scripture says (via the Emily memory) Though 10,000 may fall on my right, and 10,000 may fall on my left, no evil will come near my dwelling..... Well I have already witnessed the 10,000 fall on both sides and it is a little frightening even though I KNOW God has his hand on the situation. Picture the image of 10,000 - falling and you standing alone.... well no matter how you picture it is scary.... that is how we feel. The picture is scary right this moment. But the view over all is AWESOME!! Full recovery is in our view.

Tired and its past my bedtime.... Thanks for the prayers, and all the help. Really appreciate it.


Cagle Clan said...

You and Derrick are in our thoughts and prayers continually. We will not stop praying or believing.
We are with you,
John and Jess

Bubble dwellers said...

Hi Em-
I haven't checked your blog in awhile & was stunned to read about Derrick!!

I hope and pray that he heals quickly!!!!!! I hope you're doing OK too. I wish I lived closer & could give you a big HUG!!!!

Love & miss ya!