Friday, July 14, 2006

Back to life as a Young

Well we weren't home for just two nights from the hospital, when well another crazy thing happened to us. At around 4:00 am Liz (who is staying with us) heard someone running down the driveway, then try to open the front door. She ran up to our bedroom and woke me up saying someone tried to get into the house. I didn't want to wake up Derrick so I jumped up. I then went and peered out the master bath window. As I looked up to the highway I saw one police car already at the road, and another one pulling up. Our property borders the highway so they (the police) weren't on our property just up on the highway. After a brief discussion with Liz - I was exhausted - I decided that she should let me know if the police came back. Then about an hour and a 1/2 later the sheriff knocked on our door. The sheriff was returning a pair of shoes the person that ran down the driveway had stolen from our house. (The kicker here is they were Liz's shoes!) The sheriff wanted us to know that they had taken them and the person had barefeet, when they put them on so the sheriff didn't want to just drop them off. Evidently the suspect had crashed a car not far from here - and then ran down our road fleeing from the police. However since we live on a dead end it wasn't the best choice for the suspect, after taking the shoes he then ran through the sticker bushes were he was aprehended on the highway. I would love to know what the suspect looked like after running through the sticker bushes!
Seriously I can't make up the stuff that happens to us, it is truly crazy!! Have a good day.

By the way - Derrick is doing good. Feeling better than ever! He is actually out cleaning the deck... that is another story and another 911 call, that we did a couple of days ago, I will tell you the story later... again... can't make this stuff up life just happens sometimes!!


Cagle Clan said...

Oh my gosh! You guys need to write a book! I have a title.."When Bad Things Happen to Good People"!!
All I can say is I am glad your front door was locked...scary!
Were they like stiletto heels or anything? Cause that would have been really funny! :)

Cagle Clan said...

Hey!! Maybe it was the guy John just wrote about on his blog!!! Sounds like stealing women's shoes and running from the poilce would be right up his ally!!! :)