Thursday, January 22, 2009

It has been a while, sorry running shoes, I knew you would have a bit of a break after the marathon training - I didn't mean for it to run in the months time frame instead of weeks....

Last night I started my love/hate relationship again with running. Just to prove to myself I could I did 5 miles... and you know what? I did it! I was slow, but it felt good to be out there in the 31' weather. I missed the soul searching I do on runs, I missed the complaining I do in my head, I missed the trail. The trail and I are friends you see. I know all the corners and what lies around them - in winter well I pretty much have the trail to myself this is both a blessing and curse - I love it cuz I don't worry about dogs knocking me over as you do in the summer time when the trail is so full - I hate it because I have these horrible thoughts of "what if" - you know the one's - what if someone is around the corner, what would I do? I decide in my head I could take on anyone who may try and attack me, after all - if they run at a slow turtles pace - I could so out run them! In my head I solve the worlds problems, and all my friends too!

Jan total: 5 miles!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

There is in every person's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.

Miss you Liz.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


The Weather channel joked it was the apocalypse, with flooding in Pacific North West and snow and ice storms in the East. . . It certainly looks that way - but the sky hasn't opened up yet with the voice of God so all is good right now. We live a block from the Cedar river, but we are in no danger of flooding and they say it crested at 10am this morning. I know people including family that have been evacuated as of late last night. If watching The Weather channel.(This picture is next to the running trail I take all the time - needless to say the running trail is under water - 2 feet of it!)
We have family and friends that were evacuated - As far as I know their homes are safe, so that is great news. It is a bit surreal to drive around the area and see the waters so high. We live near a golf course - across the street from our housing development and well, it is almost all under water - nice muddy, brown water - I called a friend just 6 miles from us, his home is ok, but he is stuck in his house, literally can't get out. Two of the major roads are closed and his car isn't high enough to get out. I told him we could come and rescue him if needed later tonight as the water level is slowly going down on that river. My SUV has a lift on it, and if needed I could test it - however I am not in favor of driving around barricades into unknown depths of water - even if it does look fun - He said he is ok with food for a couple of days so we will see what happens. I think he has hip waders, so we could probably meet him on higher ground. Thought I would give a quick update for those of you out of town on what was happening here around Seattle.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Princess turns 4!

With all of the snow, snow and more snow - we have been busy playing outside! I haven't even thought of updating.... sorry. Snow pics to come, we had over 18" of snow... craziness for the Seattle area. It is hard to tell how much we had total, because it would melt a little then we would get hit again!

Until the snow pics come, here are some fun pics of our princess who turned 4 on Dec 30th. We have a "you must buy her two gifts" rule in the house so she doesn't get jacked with the combo gifts... I think we can lift that rule if any of the grandparents want to buy her a car when she turns 16... I think that is fair. This year was pretty special, as she woke up and yelled to the house, " it is my birthday!" followed by the ever demanding, "where's my gifts?" lol. I just don't know where she gets it from..... hmmm.

I baked the cake (actually Josie made it with me) and then Grandma Mary rescued me and decorated the princess barbie cake. Josie knew exactly what she wanted and Grandma did every detail for her. Grandma Mary has the patience of a saint! Josie was extremeley - detailed in how she wanted it to look. When Grandma Mary was done - Josie was beaming... she loved it! Thank you Grandma Mary

We celebrated on her actual birthday by going out to lunch with Grandma 'Scilla and Grandpa John. (Thank you!) Then we had a family party on New Year's eve. Great time to go to Chuck E Cheeses... not really anyone there, it was nice. They played and played.

Josie with her favorite friend, Foster!
New Year's post to come with all the plans:
I have decided to do the Rock and Roll Full Marathon in June! Yeah. Training officially begins the last week of Feb. Since I have taken the holidays off.... you know Halloween to Valentines day.... true Holiday season.... OK, hopefully not all the way until Valentines day. I am pretty excited to get back out there running. It is not easy to run in almost 2' of snow!