Monday, January 05, 2009

Princess turns 4!

With all of the snow, snow and more snow - we have been busy playing outside! I haven't even thought of updating.... sorry. Snow pics to come, we had over 18" of snow... craziness for the Seattle area. It is hard to tell how much we had total, because it would melt a little then we would get hit again!

Until the snow pics come, here are some fun pics of our princess who turned 4 on Dec 30th. We have a "you must buy her two gifts" rule in the house so she doesn't get jacked with the combo gifts... I think we can lift that rule if any of the grandparents want to buy her a car when she turns 16... I think that is fair. This year was pretty special, as she woke up and yelled to the house, " it is my birthday!" followed by the ever demanding, "where's my gifts?" lol. I just don't know where she gets it from..... hmmm.

I baked the cake (actually Josie made it with me) and then Grandma Mary rescued me and decorated the princess barbie cake. Josie knew exactly what she wanted and Grandma did every detail for her. Grandma Mary has the patience of a saint! Josie was extremeley - detailed in how she wanted it to look. When Grandma Mary was done - Josie was beaming... she loved it! Thank you Grandma Mary

We celebrated on her actual birthday by going out to lunch with Grandma 'Scilla and Grandpa John. (Thank you!) Then we had a family party on New Year's eve. Great time to go to Chuck E Cheeses... not really anyone there, it was nice. They played and played.

Josie with her favorite friend, Foster!
New Year's post to come with all the plans:
I have decided to do the Rock and Roll Full Marathon in June! Yeah. Training officially begins the last week of Feb. Since I have taken the holidays off.... you know Halloween to Valentines day.... true Holiday season.... OK, hopefully not all the way until Valentines day. I am pretty excited to get back out there running. It is not easy to run in almost 2' of snow!


Al's CL Reviews said...

Sounds like you had a great party!

bill carter said...

Great pics!

Happy '09 to the Young family and best of luck with everything.