Thursday, January 22, 2009

It has been a while, sorry running shoes, I knew you would have a bit of a break after the marathon training - I didn't mean for it to run in the months time frame instead of weeks....

Last night I started my love/hate relationship again with running. Just to prove to myself I could I did 5 miles... and you know what? I did it! I was slow, but it felt good to be out there in the 31' weather. I missed the soul searching I do on runs, I missed the complaining I do in my head, I missed the trail. The trail and I are friends you see. I know all the corners and what lies around them - in winter well I pretty much have the trail to myself this is both a blessing and curse - I love it cuz I don't worry about dogs knocking me over as you do in the summer time when the trail is so full - I hate it because I have these horrible thoughts of "what if" - you know the one's - what if someone is around the corner, what would I do? I decide in my head I could take on anyone who may try and attack me, after all - if they run at a slow turtles pace - I could so out run them! In my head I solve the worlds problems, and all my friends too!

Jan total: 5 miles!!

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Teresa Mof said...

Way to go Em! I can't wait to run the Seattle Marathon with our gang!