Saturday, February 07, 2009

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance!

There are things our children do that at the time they do it, you just can't laugh. It is very funny, but you can't laugh. This was one of those times.

My (just turned 4) 4 year old, Josie was playing with handcuffs. Now before you all roll on the floor laughing of why we have police handcuffs, get your minds out of the gutter. Derrick breaks the handcuffs when he does his power shows (as well as phone books, bricks of ice, re bar and bricks!) So she grabbed the hand cuffs I told her I don't know where the keys are please don't play with them. I knew I should have taken them from her, but I didn't so ..... she of course she hand cuffed her feet together. Pretty funny she couldn't walk and would fall over. I wasn't real happy as I searched the house and couldn't find the key. Derrick was on his way up north to a business meeting when I called to find out where the rest of the keys and handcuffs were so I could get them off her. Got the extra key - can't get the hand cuffs off. Josie by now is getting a bit worried it has been 15 min. I am now getting more and more ticked, because I can't get them off. After trying and trying I finally got one side off but I can't get the other side off. I am by now pretty angry that the cuff is still on her! It is about 10:30 am. John goes to his bus at noon. I don't have enough time to drive out to my mom's house and have Uncle John or Grandpa take them off and get him to school.... so Josie sat on the couch, with one hand cuff on her leg and waited until John caught his bus then we drove over to Grandma's . Uncle John was working at their house, so he could help us get the cuffs off. I thought about driving to a police station, or fire station - but I really wasn't in the mood to answer why we had the hand cuffs in the first place, and have them look at me all weird. Plus we have had an unfortunate incident with a cop a while back, so Josie is a bit afraid of police officers. So we went to my parents house. Uncle John has a straight face on, staring at her - Grandpa is staring at her straight faced - Grandma straight faced staring at her - and me too. Poor girl looked like she was on trial! All sunken down looking sad. At this point I wanted to laugh, cuz really it is pretty funny, but I just couldn't.... (Grandma looked at me, and whispered don't make me laugh! So we went in the other room and laughed) Uncle John assessed the hand cuff situation and realized they were broken. (that is why I couldn't get them off!) After a few trips to Grandpa's shop, Uncle John freed little Josie. She was pretty thankful and I don't' think she will be playing with hand cuffs any time soon. No pictures, sorry. Just imagine Josie sitting on the couch, handcuffed with four adults staring at her! Too funny. Oh the things kids do.


IronJenny said...

Ha! What a cutie -

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

That's actually kinda funny!

Mary said...

That is so funny! Poor girl. Glad you got them off! :)

Anonymous said...

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