Sunday, February 15, 2009

I fought Joe Rogan!

For those of you that watch the UFC fights, you are familiar with the announcer Joe Rogan (used to be of Fear Factor Fame) He announces all the fights, and with our group of fight watchers - annoys the day lights out of them with his comments. He says he has fought, or uses the words, when I was in that position... it is a hard position to get out of..... however if you google him - nothing comes up with fighting.... (he claims on his bio he is a black belt, yada yada yada but no footage on you tube.......rumor is he fought once with BJ Penn in Hawaii, years ago in a sparring match... anyway no footage of such fight exists currently on the internet......if you have seen footage of Joe Rogan fighting send me the link!

So we had to get these shirts done!
Detrix. Derrick and Uncle JohnThis is the UFC crew that comes to watch all the PPV fights

Uncle John and Detrix

They couldn't quite get Bill..... you would think they could get him?? wouldn't ya?

The next day we had a Super Bowl party!!

It's a crazy buch for Superbowl!

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