Sunday, November 23, 2008

I can to make Jello!

One little mistake a few years back with my thanksgiving dish, and I get kicked off of making a "real" dish.... geesh....

So the story is this:

First a little back ground on Ribbon Salad: Our family favorite "ribbon jello salad" everyone loves the ribbon salad it is just a pain to make. Three layers of different jello - you have to let each layer set before adding the next.... you get the salad, ofcourse it is a jello brand recipe - so the middle layer is filled with stuff you would never think of putting together, but for some reason it tastes great... Needless to say I don't like making the salad, but I enoy eating the salad.


When I was pregnant with Josie - I got taken off of Jello duty (for once!!) and I was to bring the bean casserole dish.. you know the one green beans, mushroom soup, onions on top.... pretty easy to do.

I go to the store (8 months pregnant) get the grean beans.. fresh ones, no frozen for me! Pick them out myself. Get all the other ingredients....

Go home, prepare the beans, make the dish and take it to family dinner. All went well, until my aunt says, hmmm... I have never had this casserole before.... what do you mean? I say. You put sweet peas in with the green beans, did you see that on a show? With a bewlidered look I tell her I didn't put peas in the recipe, only green beans. I then look at my plate... low and behold I bought half green beans and half sweet peas! ooops!!! The funniest part is, I prepared the peas and didn't even notice I was cutting the stems off of peas and not beans! I blame the fact I was pregnant!!

Didn't taste bad, pretty good really.... ofcourse I was taken off of green bean casserole ever since.

We have done thanksgiving on Derrick's side of the family two years ago, then did my first all on my own thanksgiving last year (everything was great by the way!) so this year we are going to my family's again. I say - I will bring the casserole this year... why don't you bring the jello salad was the response! Geesh. One pea casserole mistake and I am back to Jello - wait until they see what I put in the jello this year!!

Happy Turkey Day (early)!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am bit behind in my picture posting I will catch up soon.

Until then I can still dicuss the marathon..... right? it has only been just over a month, so I am still with in the milking it time frame. Really though I don't think I am milking it, it is a well deserved pat on the back in my opinion!

I recently watched Run Fat Boy Run, it is about a man that wants to win back a woman he left at the alter 5 years earlier, he has 3 weeks until the race, and plans on running a full marathon.

Immediately the title caught my eye - that is hilarious! I want to see it! Is my first thought. After watching it, I can say it had some very funny parts, but I was irritated that they had the character run a marathon in only 3 weeks.

This is where you get to hear all about my hard work! After all I spent months in preparation for the marathon. With three weeks left, you are tapering! Not beginning your training.

On a facebook forum, I asked the question: guess what I am going to be for halloween? At the time, I was actually thinking of dressing up in our gorilla suit - I thought it would be funny. But I got response back saying a marathon runner, ofcourse! (or something like that) so I decided to wear my *saying it with pride* Portland Marathon 2008 finisher t-shirt! Guess what? People actaully asked me if it was my costume, or if I really ran it! Whenever I can I have to fit into a conversation that I just ran a full marathon.... it is my new game, how many times a day I can tell someone (wether or not I know them is irrelevant) that I ran a full marathon. It is pretty fun coming up with new ways to bring it up in a conversation. While out on Halloween a pastor of the church carnival we were at, asked if I had ran it.. why yes was my reply. He asked about how hard it was, and all the usual questions... I told him it was great right up until mile 22, where there was a rather large wall infront of me! No, really I had trained so hard I knew I would finish, but yes it was hard. He then told me his wife and four other ladies from is congregation were going to run the Seattle marathon, I congratulated them on doing it, and told him, I had only done the Seattle 1/2, and in case they didn't know... it was pretty hilly so be prepared. It was great talking to him and all the other people that asked me about it too....

Just thought I would share my still consuming thought on running a full marathon.. if you live near Seattle, go ahead, ask me about it! I will love to tell you!