Thursday, July 20, 2006

Its a Fire folks

As most of you know our home was burnt to the ground lets see - almost 2 years ago. 18 months actually. So the story I am about to tell you well you may find it funny. Was a bit too much after everything we have been through in the past month.

I went out and lit the BBQ, so we could cook some steak. We had friends over that night. Shanda looks out, after a while and says something to the effect of look at the BBQ! So look out and there are flames coming out of the BBQ - underneath the BBQ. It is a stainless steal BBQ with two doors that open to a propane tank. The whole underneath where the propane tank is, was on fire! Shanda said something to the effect of needing a fire extinguisher... so I thought yes we have one! Ran up to our master bathroom where it has been sitting on the counter since we bought it 6 months ago. Can't find it... scan the bathroom don't see it. I then run to look underneath the bed, where we have a second story ladder we bought too. Fo some reason I start to open the package.... yes I am not thinking clearly all of my calmness by now is gone in an emergency - I am panicking! While I am doing absolutley nothing to help the situation Liz who is staying with us,( while her and her husband are waiting to move back into there home) runs down stairs and calmly says to Derrick, "we need you upstairs" not wanting to panick him. He says, "what?" again, " we need you upstairs", "what?", Liz then says, " Fire!" Poor Derrick looks out and sees the BBQ and all the flames and comes running up stairs. Passes me in the bedroom I am still looking at the ladder, he grabs the fire extinguisher and starts to put out the fire. I finally put down the ladder and go down stairs and call 911. We don't know at this point if the hose broke, or what is happening so we are scared the propane tank is going to blow... on the phone with 911 I pretty much am no help to them all's I can say is the grill is on fire... where says the operater? on the deck. "is it close to your house?" yes! oh my God it can't burn down again, what? says the operator? the house. it has burned down already. By this point Derrick had got the fire out, and had bravely gone back to turn off the propane. I say to the operator, it is out it is out! She says well I can cancel the firetruck then.... I said yes. She then asked me for our name, not thinking I just said, " they know who we are, they have been here a few times!" I then told her my husband had been airlifted less then month ago to Harborview... oh my God was all she could say. Hung up with her - and a few minutes later we got a knock on the door the fire dept was here... I am sure our neighbors love us! Think we are the biggest weirdos ever! Walk out side and down the driveway with them and explain the situation.... no problem. Then they ask how the chaplain is (Derrick ofcourse!) so I tell them that he was healed and the look on the fireman's face - well is priceless. One is a believer in God you can tell and is smiling ear to ear the other one - has a look of complete disbelief on his face but is happy to hear none the less. So there is our BBQ story. Thankful we had the fire extinguisher!! Glad that Derrick was home to help! Thank God.


"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Em you should write a book of all that happens in your life. Thank goodness you have God on your side! :) Glad it all turned out okay though.

Cagle Clan said...

Ummmmm....that was my idea Mary...stop trying to be like me!

Mackenzie said...

Glad to hear it's alright! Hope all is going great!