Monday, May 01, 2006

Everything goes in the toilet!

So ..... Yesterday our lovely 3 year old grabbed Derrick's phone, and in a second it was gone. We had just used it and looked everywhere trying to find it. We didn't know that John had taken it. So after searching all of the media room we finally decided to call it. It was off, weird we thought. It must be in a place we don't get cell reception in the basement. So we stop looking . . . figuring it will show up it is in someone's pocket or something. Derrick a couple of minutes later goes into use the restroom. There it is in the toilet!!! So Derrick kind of laughs, what else can you do, he is three. He comes up stairs and says, John where is daddy's cell phone. John grabs dad's hand and marches him into the bathroom and exclaims, THERE DAD! and points to the toilet! Don't you love it! He has been in straight underwear for a week now, so we are stressing using the toilet, he gets it most of the time! lol He actually has had very few accidents in the last 3 days! Yeah John.

For those of you who have older kids, you are laughing. For those with younger kids, you think my child will never do that, just wait. I said that too! Everything I have thought my child would never do that, he has done. It is part of being a kid!

Thought you all woul dappreciate the story.

Here are some old pictures I found of Derrick and I... this was taken when we went up with the youth group to go sledding, I am guessing it is 2001, but I am not sure.
So let me know what year it was.


Carpenters said...

I don't have a child walking around yet but I have been exposed to the wonders of toddlers and I totally agree! Those are some old pictures! I don't even think Justin and I were married yet!

"The new Worship Pastors" said...

That is so funny! Well not that Derrick's cell phone ended up in the toilet because I am sure that he had to go get a new one right away. But just funny that he is doing all the things that you said he never would. Yeah I am in the middle of that now also.
Those are some OLD pictures. You are probably right some time around 2001. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :)