Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Locks

John pointing to the locks.

Josie and mom

Here is Uncle John and little John happily walking down to see the ships come in.

Little John is not so happy about coming back up the hill.... uh oh Uncle John you have your worked cut out for you!

how's it going Uncle John?

ok, I think big John is winning this battle!


"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Oh wow that was funny! So goes the life with a toddler! Those pictures make me miss Seattle.

Marcie said...

Oh Man those shots were great! I do remember those days..or maybe it was just yesterday?! Just kidding! I love how we drag our kids along whether they are coming or not! cracks me up! They act like we're killing them!! How dare we spoil their fun!!!
Kids are so funny!

The Riley's said...

Thats sooo Funny... Cuz I can totally hear him! The smile on Uncle J's face is priceless!

Happy go down! NOT Happy come back!

Anonymous said...

Those are some cute pictures!