Friday, May 19, 2006

the secret play room is done!

Well almost done - we just have to trim out the door. We sheet rocked and painted and carpeted!! OK, when I say we, well I didn't do any of it. Ryan (our house guest) did the sheet rock and mudding. Derrick painted, and Justin and Derrick carpeted. So it was an effort on everyone's part, except mine. (OK I watched the kids!!)

So here are pics of the secret room, and the newly moved around kids play room. (Ryan moved it around, after I did, and well I like the way he did it better than my idea!)

I must say - - there are two reasons we (again with the we) painted the kids play room with green paint then splothches of red.... one we had some extra red paint from the media room and thought it would be cool, and two well the tape and mudding job had a bit of bubbles through part of it, so well, this covered it up nicely, after all it is a kids play room so who cares right. Well the funny thing is, now John looks at the room and says "Daddy made a mess! Messy daddy messy!" Then he laughs. So that is the story on the kids room. It looks in the picture like blood on the walls a massacre occured. So I think we (again with the :we:) will add some other colors maybe black and blue... so it doesn't look so murderish.

Quick look at the picture closely - all the toys actually have a place for them to go!!

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