Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sekui 2009

We have had a pretty busy and crazy summer. This so I haven't posted since after the fiasco surgery in June. I am all healed and doing well. Here are some pictures from our fishing trip in Sekui, WA. We have gone with Grandma and Grandpa Cotton for the past 7 years... out of all the years, this was the best year for "fish caught!"

John Isaac caught his first fish, all by himself! Then he kept going, he limited on his fish when ever he went out on the boat! (Of course every fish that we got a bite on was then his!)

Detrix became a wonderful navigator this year, he drove the boat in and out of all the other boats and in and out of the kelp beds. He tended to fall asleep if he was watching the rods! (hmmmm, teens sure can sleep alot) I am sure it had nothing to do with getting up at 4:30 am to go fishing!

Here is the crew after a great trip out!

We had many great outings this year, we learned many new things about the boat. I have successfully learned how to backlash a down rigger, no one else can seem to do this! (this is a rare and finally tuned skill - Grandpa would not like me to teach to anyone!)

We also learned that "balls up!" is a new boating term!

Josie and I hanging on the boat.... funny story. We put the crab pots out to see if we could get any crab. They haven't gotten many up in Sekui in the last few years but we thought we try and it would be fun for the kids to see how it works. So we put in the fish head and all the other fun stuff, off we go to drop the pots. we go out fishing and then later go find the pots and raise them up to see if we got crabs. Well we load up the kids, Grandpa and I on the boat to go find the pots... we search and search .... and search some more and go all over the area where we think we left the pot. But we can't fidn the pot! 1/2 hour later still can't find the pot! Now we are thinking maybe someone hit the crab pot line and the pot is gone forever. We find every other pot out in the area, but still not ours. We head back in after an hour of searching. Grandma meets us on the dock, saying, "well did you get any?" Our response was, no we couldn't find the pot! "You drove right by it!" she says. Grandpa and I are less then pleased with her at this moment. "Fine then, show me where the pot is, we searched everywhere and couldn't find it!"Grandpa said (ever so kindly). Grandma jumps in the boat and heads right to the pot! Grrrrrr. We had driven around the pot for an hour and never did see it! Grandma knew right where it was. So we get the pot up and......


We did have a very nice ride!

Josie and I hanging on the boat!
We have no pics of Grandma this year... and here is one of the only ones we have of Grandpa..... great isn't it?

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