Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In the groove?

As I was running this past couple of weeks I have had the same conversation with a few different people. The conversation is about how it takes me about 45 minutes of running to warm up and find my groove. At about the 45min to 1 hour mark I start to feel really good and feel like I could run forever. I had this conversation on the day of the half with my two friends and we all laughed and thought, hmmmm I guess we never ran long enough before ~ to get in the groove. I never thought I would say I need to warm up for 45 minutes, but now in training for a while I am comfortable with that. I laughed as I had the same conversation at the gym I work at, with two women who were asking me about the half. Pretty cool I have some of the women asking me about my running schedule and such. Obviously I don't claim to be an elite athlete but they are taking note in my changes in the past 6 months or so. My question is this, does the same thing happen to a person on the swim? on the bike? I haven't found my groove yet in these two disciplines, still searching for that magic time when I can swim, or ride forever! It will happen I am certain of that!


Viv said...

It usually takes me a mile or two to warm up and a few hundred yards with the swim. The bike I am good from the get go once I am in a comfortable position. In my opinion you will always have a fav of the 3. I am just a newbie so that is my $0.02.

That's great that your energy is spreading and interesting others.

bill carter said...

You know.. it is an interesting thing that it takes you that long to warm up because I think that is a great thing. It means that from an endurance standpoint you are doing really well because you have been going that long then feel good. I know it sounds a little counterintuitive, but a lot of people will take in some caffeine before they work out to get the heart rate up a bit and warm up faster. Believe it or not, Brian Sell who just qualified for the US olympic marathon team drinks a Red Bull before a race and throughout!

Best of luck with the training.