Monday, May 19, 2008

Dead bodies and running?

Pearl Izumi ad . Pearl Izumi's lastest ad campaign's headline reads "Ever notice how it's always runners who find dead bodies?" Saw this ad in a runner's magazine while at the gym and it really got me thinking.....

bad campaign?

smart campaign?

make you want to run?

make you want to buy their shoes?

What you might not realize is that they are more than just a cycling brand. To those who might not be that into running, they do make some good shoes.

The point of the ad.. and their other contraversial campaign pitting "runners against joggers"... is to get people talking about their brand. So I guess it is working! It has me thinking.

Maybe that is good. But it doesn't want to make me go run on a trail by myself. That freaks me out as it is.. now an ad saying runners find the bodies.. hmmm.

I do like the part of the ad that says run like an animal. Kind of cool.

Thoughts on the ad?

*** In doing a little more research, I think this may be an older ad, so much for the gym magazines! --- Just to clarify I only read when I am on the Stairclimber---- thought you should know that! ***


Kevin said...

That is kinda freaky. I dont think it really makes me want to buy there shoes any more. Of course maybe the point of the ad was like you said to get people talking who didnt know they make running shoes

Viv said...

They caught Em's attention right? I do have their cycling shoes. I hope the dead bodies does not apply there as well.

Wes said...

Yea, this is very old. I wrote them an open letter on my blog and the VP of Marketing responded to me. I know a lot of people that aren't buying Pearl Izumi stuff because of this. I, personally, like their stuff, including their shoes, but won't wear it as long as they try to divide the running community. In my mind, we are all about being positive and supportive of each other.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

They turned me off with the whole runners vs joggers thing last year. I have decided not to be their customer because of it.

Marcy said...

I will prob never buy anything from them. Why? Because I think their shoes are ugly ROFLMAO! I'm such a "girly" like that :P

Brian said...

They make really nice stuff, but they really missed their mark.
I find the adds make me mad, how the heck to they think they are, I mean really.

But the have us talking about it, so bad PR is still PR.

Nice blog.