Monday, October 27, 2008

Oops I did it again!

So this is pretty embarassing to admit.... you know me I have to tell you all! Remember back in July was it where I jammed my toe into the couch and then proceeded to throw myself on the ground? Same darn couch jumped up and attacked me again. I may have to take the couch out back for a good beating, it keeps attacking with out any warning. Same toe... same bruising... same #$%$# words came out of mouth. Maybe it is trying to teach me not to swear when I get hurt... I failed that test so far. Top of my foot was completely bruised and the little toe swelled up real nice. It happened a week ago Sunday, and today I am actually able to walk like a normal person yesterday and today, so I am happy about that. My little toe must really be ticking of the couch, cuz the couch is showing no mercy with these ruthless attacks.

This is where you here the tiny violin playing my sad song.....
I love this time of year around here too, the leaves are turning and they are just beautiful, so I have been bummed I haven't been able to run along the trails. Weather has been perfect. A little cold in the mornings but up to mid 60's in the afternoon. Hopefully I will be out there today or tomorrow testing the toe.

I am thinking I won't do the Seattle half, since I haven't run after the marathon... but we shall see... I would like to do it to see how well my time has improved from two years ago.
Upcoming events:
If I don't do the Seattle half I will do a turkey trot run out in the sticks.... a small town outside of Seattle..... I have the 12k's of Christmas Run on Sat December 13th and I also want to do the Christmas Rush on Sunday. May be a really fun weekend.

My mom took the kids to a fun farm, I have some great pics and fun stories coming soon...
Also some other exciting news.... (and no I am not pregnant)


Marcie said...

I love how we all seem to prequalify the "good news" with, "No we are not pregnant" comment! LOL!

sorry to hear about your toe--Be healed little Toe!!!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

owie your toe!

hope it gets better soon.

so...i'm waiting on the good news......... :-)