Friday, March 31, 2006

Going to the gym. . some thoughts

Most of you have seen the footage of the girl on the treadmill. It is the one where she for some reason tries to jump and then run on an already moving treadmill. Needless to say she doesn't do it very gracefully. EVERYTIME I am running on the treadmill I envision myself slipping and being thrown off. Now I know I need to stop visualizing it... cause when you visualize and focus on something it typically will happen... No I didn't fall.... however I do have a story from about 1990 I was a junior in Highschool and joined the Bally's gym, well you know the stairs that you can climb up, they actuall rotate in a circle so you have to step up not just move your foot up and down but actually step up the stairs... well you guessed it, I was walking up the stairs and slipped, not only did I first fall onto the moving stairs, I then tried to push myself backwards, but the stairs ofcourse keep moving so I then tumbled backwards off the machine and hit my head on the wall behind. I am laughing as I write this because I was terrified when it happened, very embarassed. Now it is one of those funny stories you tell people that it happened to a "friend of yours" but I will own up to it! I fell off the stairs! Anyway since I am on this health and fitness kick, I thought I would share the story! Most of you know I am training for a 5k triathlon in August. so I am training at the gym for running and biking. If anyone has an extra bike I can borrow until I figure out what kind is the best to get for triathlons let me know. You know you have a mountain bike sitting in the garage you never use!!

I will say it has been fun getting into better shape, I am only down 12 pounds, but I feel good and clothes are looser. I can now run an actual mile and stair climb a mile too! That is only in a few short weeks I have accomplished that - so I am pretty proud of myself!! My goal is to swim a 1/2 mile, bike 13 miles then actually run the 3.1 miles. For me it is a big goal but one I am willing to take on, it is funny cuz this whole triathlon thing started as a joke.... now it is a goal. So thanks Foster and Derrick you have fueled my goal!
That is all for now.
This is me standing by the stair machine! lol

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Jessica said...

Congrats Em...sounds like you are doing AWESOME!!