Monday, April 03, 2006

John's 3rd Party! Johnny's in da House!

Well the party didn't quite start off with a bang. For some reason John was exhausted when we came home from church, he hasn't taken a nap for many months during the day but ofcourse the day of his party he was out cold. Really after people were arriving someone said is John ok? I looked over and he was alseep in the middle of the floor! He was ok just tired, I still don't know why. We gave everyone food and then told him he was going to open some presents, this peaked his interest... so he opened and opened and opened! Batman and spiderman galore!
Any present that is bigger than you are - well it has to be good right? That goes for adults too!
Then it was time for what else - well the batman cake! I must say that I was taking down some decorations thismorning and John started crying saying no, stay here! So I cut the table cloth and left part of it on the table so he could enjoy it another day. He was pretty bummed all his batman cake was gone too! Grandma Mary went all out and made a pinata cake. It had rolos inside! She is so creative.

When Derrick watches the kids by himself, he typically will go downstairs and crank up his soundsystem that is in Detrix room. So John and Josie dance and sing with dad. It is a great technique really, you wear the kids out from dancing and singing. Well John loves to have the microphone, so we got him a little kareoke machine for his b-day. His favorite thing to sing is "Johnny's in da house". So John had the mic and then he had two back up singers and dancers too... Darian and Ayanna. They all were having a great time, and even did the taebo dance. John used to watch me work out to taebo - so when I did the kicks he would copy me, well know that is how he dances. We have it on video I am trying to figure out how to put it on the computer, if we do figure it out I will put it on my space for you all to view, John and his back up dancers had a wonderful time!

What batman party would be complete without a picture of all the batman gilrs and boys that were at the party. I wanted to get a photo of all the kids, but parties can be a little crazy so this is as close as we got.


The Riley's said...

This was a great party... Darian and Ayanna really had fun singing and dancing with John after all the other kids left... Thanks for letting us be apart of his special day! "Johnnys in Da House"! Can't wait until the music video comes out! Love you guys

Carpenters said...

I want a Birthday cake with rolos inside that is ingenious! She is the best! She needs to open a bakery! Like Father like son! Singing in the mike!

"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Sounds like you have a future worship leader on your hands. Or maybe a super star! Happy b-day John!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday sweet little John!!!! He is such a neat little guy!
And since when does Karon Carpenter use big words like ingenious??? :)

Bloggin POPO said...

cool cake. i want one for my b-day. and happy birthday John.