Monday, April 17, 2006

This Weekend

I could tell you that we had a very busy week and that we got Detrix for the whole week and had lots of fun playing with his brother and sister! Here are the three kids having fun!

I could tell you that we had a fun filled Saturday night, that the boys wrestled and watched the fights on the UFC. Very good fight by the way they were all screaming from downstairs.

I could also tell you we had a great time on Easter. Derrick played in the band. The service was great! Everyone did a wonderful job on the praise team. Brit had a solo, and did great. Andrea, Jess and Karen did wonderful jobs too.

I ccould tell you that we came hom eand the Easter bunny had left us eggs all over the house. We changed out of our Easter clothes and went to the park to play!

This is my brother J and Josephine at the park.

Here is John on the slide!

But what I really would like to tell you is that while going to open the sliding door downstairs on Sunday, I ran into the exercise machine and broke my toe! It is swollen and purple! Yes it is quite embarassing to break your toe on the excercise machine. So I can't run right now and I am bummed out! So that is my pathetic story. We had a great week and weekend minus the toe incident.


Bloggin POPO said...

Em, I know it's not funny but figure the odds of you talking about the treadmil disaster and then you break your toe. Total ouch! Maybe you should write a post on winning lotto ticket numbers and then play for a few weeks. Anyway, I love the pix of the family. And once your men get trained up in the ways of the UFC send them my way! Oh, Jess says thanks for the compliment and she says that she enjoyed working with big daddy D.

Cagle Clan said...

Just for the record....I did not call him "Big Daddy" when I made that comment...John added that in for me!! :)

The Young Family said...

You two crack me up - I wasn't sure if you did call him big daddy? That would be ok! :) smiles I actually have a confession. I went to the Dr. becuase my toe was still hurting and swollen on Monday evening.... found out that it is not broken - I am just really pathetic! So now I feel realy stupid. I should have not gone to the Dr. then I would have thought it was broke... wouldnt have had to prove myself wrong! ugh.