Thursday, April 06, 2006


Always remember where we started... this is a pic of Josie @ Children's Hopsital I think it was taken after her surgery... so tiny. Boy how fast time flies, she is a full blown toddler now! She can run and climb and tackle John! She can hold her own against her big brother... she can give him a run for his money! Look out John little girl has big strength!

So John has been stealing all the attention lately on the blog - so I wanted to post some fun pics of Josie too. She cracks me up all the time. Always smiling, almost always happy. Just kind of toddles along, happily. She brings such joy to this house.

Here is Josie - at John's bday party.... yes I stole the picture of my daughter from the Rileys! It is just too cute.

Here is Josie in an outfit my cousin Jolene and my aunt and uncle Jim and Marian got for her b-day - it is the cutest jumpsuit... bright green... makes her eyes just pop!

Here is a picture of Josie and I trying to look too cute - the funny thing is right after this picture she tumbled off the toy she was standing on.... it is so hard too look good all the time... this was taken with a camera phone - so I didn't think it was too bad!

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The Riley's said...

Yes time does fly.. I remember baby hogging her when she was tiny.. What am I say I still hog her! I love it when shes trying to tell you something... Its just gurgles but it is soo cute!