Friday, August 19, 2005

It is Friday yeah

This is the lovely bride (Kendra) and my Uncle Chick!!

The pic is of Derrick and I at Newport Beach last month for my cousins wedding. We had our first ever weekend with out the kids! It was very fun to spend some time alone - The drive to Newport took us only 9 hours! Needless to say when we got their we were full of joy!! We had a great time with my crazy family at the wedding - dancing the Irish Jig - and singing Irish songs. The only thing better than an Irish wedding is an Irish funeral. I will explain that at another time - this of you that are Irish are laughing right now!
Well the week flew by, so I am looking forward to this weekend. My friend is in town from Texas so hopefully we will be able to get together. It is always crazy when people come in from out of town. All of a sudden a week will go by and you don't know what happened.

Our house is coming along - it has been a bit of a slower process than Derrick and I would like - we are very anxious to move in. They had the back side painted when we went out - so all should be painted now. We are in the final stretches of it being done - should be 2-3 weeks. We are still waiting for sheet rock, I think that is suppose to be this next week( I thought it was last week) but who knows I could have it in my head wrong. So we are going to go pick out the rest of the flooring this next week, so that should be fun!!

I guess that is all for now - kids are doing great. John is learning new words everyday. I took him to story time on Tuesday at the library. He has lots of fun listening to the librarian - and they always blow bubbles at the end for the kids to play with so that is lots of fun. We have watched Shrek and Finding Nemo probably about 100 times each - I know the stories line for line if you would like me to act them out - I can probably do that too!! He calls Shrek the Donkey movie - it is really cute when he says it. "really, really" lol if you got that you must have kids!! Josie is doing the army crawl now, and is up on her knees ready to crawl like a big girl! any time now!!


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Lou & Mary said...

I just finished reading your site & made one for myself, but I need to add pics. Kwel!