Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Over the Weekend... we ripped phonebooks!

OK so not all of us ripped phone books - just Derrick! Derrick is part of a Team called The Wrecking Crew. They go to different events and show off the power they have! Derrick trained with a team many years ago called the Power Team - this is a take off of that team if you have heard of that one.

The team traveled all around the world to talk about what God has done in there lives, as well as to show all the cool things they can do. This team is doing the same thing - talking about what God is doing and has done in there lives, just haven't gone international YET!! Derrick is the master at ripping phonebooks, he ripped two phone books this weekend - faster than I have ever seen him before.

He also popped a full can of pop with just his hands! It was really fun to watch! John was on my shoulders chanting "Go Daddy!, Go Daddy!" so that was really fun to watch. The other two guys there - Matt and Jimmy broke bricks, and also bent a steal bar! Lots of fun!


Cagle Clan said...

Remind me to stay on Derricks good side.
Jess :)

Mackenzie said...

Is the wrecking crew the same team that came to the New Year's Eve thing this year? When you were in the hospital?

The Young Family said...

Yes - it is the same crew - They are doing a benefit concert - on Monday for the Hurrican victims.