Saturday, August 13, 2005

Derrick became a Chaplain

In March of 2005 Derrick went through training to become a Chaplain for the Local Fire Department. The training allows Derrick to go anywhere in the US and help out when needed. If there was a natural disaster (earthquake, fire, etc) Derrick is trained and would go to help! We are very proud of him!

He can also Marry and Bury so if you would like a quick wedding - you know who to call.

This is a pic of all of us at his graduation. It was a very special time Detrix got to come to see his dad graduate from the program.


Residencial Villas Palermo said...

Nice family my friends. Awsome pictures. Sorry about the house situation. Didnt know. I pray financial Blessings over your life.

guatemala, walter ardon

Lou & Mary said...

I am so very much blessed by your family and know that you ALL will continue to be a blessing to others. What a good looking family!
Mom & Grandma Mary