Monday, August 22, 2005

Our House will withstand a 9.0 earthquake

This picture has nothing to do with the entry it just made me smile!

So apparently the building codes for all of King County are not good enough for the small town that we live in. No, we need to not only have our home strapped to the foundation - in case there is a 2000 mph wind, we also need some kind of other straps put onto the house too. If an earthquake of 9.0 hits the greater Seattle area our home will be the only one standing. You can all come hang out at our home. There will be no power no water no other homes in the entire County standing, but we will be there having a party! OK, so I am a tad frustrated with the whole home inspection process. It seems we are having to do things to our home that are not normally done. I guess it is good in the long run - but really strapping the home to the foundation? Where is the home going? sure it can with stand the earthquake, its the molten lava coming down from Mt. Rainier if the Mt. erupts that I don't think the house can handle! So I am in a lovely mood! Actually we just went down to pick out some flooring that was fun - just very overwhelming. We think we found all the counter tops that we want - and some of the floors. We just need all the other little things now - - it s a lot to pick out! It is fun to pick out but a bit stressful too - will everything match and go together - I sure hope so. Plus your picking stuff out from a 2x2 swatch hard to know if you'll like it on the entire floor! So I brought home samples so I can sit and stare at them to see that I still like them in a day or too. I guess that is all for now - I have new pics of the house, I will upload them later - our friends have a Mac computer and it doesn't cooperate with our camera! So we have to perform magic to get the photos to upload, and I can't do it by myself I am not a master at it yet.

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"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Em, I cracked up at your ranting in your blog. Only because I totally know how you feel. Don't worry the waiting will be worth it. I am so excited to see pictures! Miss you!