Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wanna race?

This is my new head band! I *heart* it!! I bought it at the Danskin expo, the gal that makes them, had some really great ones, but this is what I ended up with after much deliberation. I posted this for you Lisa!

This is me today after my 8 mile run!! I am sporting the farmer look with the braids! It was a very wet day today... I have very long and very thick hair that frizzes in the rain... so braids work!

Th company is called Bondi Band, you can custom order for your teams, or for a race, or what ever you'd like.

Some of my other favorite quotes they had:

Will run for wine

Iron Goddess

Iron Diva

Run like a girl - it was a toss up between this one, and the one I got!

They had a ton to choose from, I wore it yesterday running my 4 miles and today on my 8 miles... very nice. I like it a lot!


The Riley's said...

Im kicking myself that I did not get one! You look so good!

I love the whole braid thing... Not many can where braids and still look as good as you!

Marcy said...

I didn't realize you could do custom ones?!? Very cool! I love my Bondi Bands

The Young Family said...


Is that a complement? lol I am a bit paranoid after looking like an elf!

love ya!


Carly said...

How cute! I love it! I want the one that has will run for wine....*running to the website*

The Riley's said...

Yes, Em that a compliment!

I can't do braids!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Ha! I *heart* your headband. And it looks great on you. I love the braids too. :)

MizFit said...

and the Buffs.

and that you are rocking the braids as I do-----except theres a good chance yours look FAR BETTER :)