Saturday, August 23, 2008


My last long run, as I wrote about was just bad all the way around.

Today I ran my longest run yet (18 miles) I ran with friends from my team, definetly think that helps. Also I ate quite a bit a this morning, so I had some energy!! Yeah. I can be taught!

I am so worried about running out of steam that I tend to run a little slower than normal for my longer runs.

Here is the breakdown:

18 miles
calories 2321
Avg HR 143
Max HR 172

Not too bad for me~! I tend to run a higher HR in a race, but I think that is normal.

I wish I had a pic of us all sitting in the river after the run, pretty funny sight 6 women sitting in the river. A man and his son were down at the river, looked at us like we were nuts! River is still pretty cold, but it felt good on the muscles. I did enjoy it better than pouring ice in the bath tub. We were joking saying during the winter we will have to have someone come and sit in the bath with us, with our ice!


Anonymous said...

Excellent job on the 18 miler!! I think that's a great time, too.

How nice to soak in the cool water afterwards :)

Carly said...

Nice job! You did great!!!!

Sounds like the soak in the river was the perfect ending to the run.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

You ran 18 miles. Eight-teen-miles. Holy smokes, that's a long way to run. I think if I sat in the river after an 18 mile run, I might never be able to get back up. LOL.

The Young Family said...

I felt so good right after the run, the river was COLD but felt really nice... ride home I felt good too. ~I was kind of on cloud nine~
Ate a bit then sat down and boom.... legs decide they were going to have their revenge! They tightened up real nice. A little sore today on the quads, not too bad...they've loosened up... my left hip however is still not happy with me! Icing and lots of stretching today. Taking today off (sun) and Resting tomorrow, then back to a 4m Tue 9 m Wed 5m Thur. Oh this is a fun schedule the next two weeks!


IronJenny said...

Great long run! That heartrate of 143 is BEAUTIFUL! THe max of 172 could just have been a one-time blip tied into getting a little dehdrated at the end. You are doing it, MarathonGirl.

Wes said...

My 18 miler was SOOOO much better than my 14 miler. It's amazing how the body adapts, isn't it?

You NEED to run slower on your LSD runs. I follow Galloway, and he says 2-3 minutes slower than race pace!! Also, you should be practicing your nutrition plan every long run. Figure out what that is and practice, practice practice!

Nice job again!!

Viv said...

Great job! I am expiring over here at 18 miles, super! Nice makeshift on the ice bath.