Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Go ahead, laugh! I still am.

We all try to post the best pics of ourselves up on the blogging circuit.
Well any of you know me know that I am always honest and truthful.

This was sent to me on my phone.... go ahead, laugh out loud... roll on the floor laughing it is ok, I did.

My mom called and I couldn't understand what she was saying she was laughing so hard after she saw it...

Yes it is me. The Keebler elf.

Derrick thought I should post it, as he was doubled over laughing on the floor!

That's right.. I'm bringin' sexy back! yeah.


The Riley's said...

OMG... I love the fudge stripped cookies.... There my favorite!

What kind of friend would I be to laugh at you! The best.... I think I peed myself a little when I saw this picture ON THE INTERNET!!!!


Ps....Keebler called... They have sent out a missing person report... THEY WANT THEIR ELF BACK!

Marcy said...

I don' think you look that bad, to be honest with you. Sometimes I think we're our own worst critics LOL