Sunday, August 10, 2008

Light the Passion Share the Dream

Another virtual race down... I don't think I won the gold!

Non Runner Nancy hosted another virtual race event (8 miles on the 8th - with the Olympic theme no less)... Nancy thought up the event when she was looking for a race during the winter months and needed something to train for, ofcourse her idea took off in the blogging running world, and she has hosted many more, some with prizes! I am not really a contender for prizes (ok, really in any race) but obviously I don't run for the prizes. (Just the free t-shirt and medal to wear around my neck!) I was on my long training run for the week, a 16 miler. Wow, it takes me by suprise I ran 16 miles. OK I ran/ walk 16 miles. Actually I walked 15 minutes of my 3:44 minutes of torture! I didn't fuel correctly before I left the house and well, it was a recipe for disaster. I have learned my lesson the hard way - the very hard way, and will not be doing that again! As I was coming to my last mile, I had a nice deer in the headlights look about me, I was passed (she was on her bike, training for World Championships in Nov. for her Half Ironman) one of the elite athletes that helped me do my schedule for the marathon a few weeks back. I was horrified when I saw her. I happen to be walking when I saw her, I was horrified I saw her, because I was done, you know put a fork in me done, finito, adios, kind a done! She asked how you doing? I responded, "good" and put a smile on my face.... then I had to come to the fact, that I had given up. Seeing her, well it shamed me into digging deep and getting my head straight! Yes I was tired, shouldn't you be after running 15 miles with one more to go? Maybe some people are not, but I was... so what I thought to myself. Suck it up! Get your head back in it and finish this.

(A picture from china for you to visualize the Olympics!)

So I mustered a bit of energy and ran (at a snails pace) back to the house... to finish the 16 miles. Lesson learned. EAT before you run! Won't have that issue again, only have to go through it once, to know you don't want that feeling again!

In the spirit of the Olympics opening on 8-8-08 enjoy the pic!
Also a shout out to my friend, Kalei - she turned 35 on the 8th!!

Light the Passion Share the Dream
The Olympic Motto


BreeWee said...

NIIIIICE job on your 16 miles... way to just do it... to make it happen. Sometimes that is ALL we can do.

Happy Sunday and I hope your week is AWESOME and full of good training and moments in life.

Oh I am with you, this Olympic stuff is too much fun!

RunnerMom said...

Hi! I linked to you from Non-Runner Nancy. Our "About Me's" sound eerily similar!

Wow!! 16 miles! I've never gone that far.

I did 9 this weekend. I tried some new things to fuel my run on Saturday--- salt packets, pretzels, and raisins. Getting the fuel right is one of my biggest struggles. Too much, too close to running--- stomach issues (bad ones). Too little--my legs feel like lead!

Cliff said...

Thanks for your comment.. :o)

Praise the Lord!! For He is good..all the time!! :oD

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Nice job. We are all constantly learning new lessons and sometimes old ones. Seems they never end. I always think you can learn something from every run. Don't feel bad at all. You got it together and ran it in. Awesome.

Thanks for participating and joining us!!

Coach Tammy said...

Thanks for stopping by... I am on my way to Austin, TX to start graduate studies in Exercise Physiology (I'm taking the scenic route).

Good luck in your "real marathon" in Portland! (I have those same reactions, so don't be hard on yourself). :)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

16 miles is a long way to run!! Way to get it done!