Friday, September 09, 2005

Chaplain Young is called to help.

We knew the call would come we just didn't know when. Derrick is leaving Monday for the New Orleans area. ( That was the first flight they could get him on - we thougth is was going to be tomorrow) He is going to go down with a man named Donovan from or church to help bridge the gap beteen the Missionaries and the Police/Fire/National Guard that are in the area. This is what our church did after 9/11. We went into Ground Zero and helped to assist the aid workers. This time I believe it will not only be the aid workers but also the people of New Orleans. If you hadn't read the previous post of Derrick becoming a chaplain, well this is what he was trained to do. Help people that are helping people. The amount of stress that the police/ and firefighters is under is enormous. Many do not have homes to go back to and some are not even sure there families are ok, but they are out doing what they were born to do, help people. They will need support. People look to the rescuers for help - who do the rescuers turn to? Chaplains. God Bless Derrick as he goes, we ask that doors be opened for him, and he is able to help those in need so that they in turn are refreshed, and able to keep doing there jobs. I am not certin how long Derrick will be gone to help. I know this is his calling, so I give him my blessing knowing that his kids will miss him greatly. But I know he is needed else where right now. So with that in mind please say a prayer for him, that is he kept safe and that angels surround him wherever he goes. Say a prayer for me too - - atleast a week by myself with a 2 1/2 year old and an 8 month old!! Thank you.

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