Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricane Relief (Mon- Labor Day)

On Labor Day evening a group of people got together and put on a "Let's Do Something Concert and Benefit" in South Seattle. The Benefit raised money through World Vision a Christian Organization that would help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The Wrecking Crew was asked to perform at the benefit. And perform they did..... Derrick ripped phone books and broke 8 bricks! I believe it has been 7 years since Derrick has broke bricks! It was so much fun to watch, Detrix and John sat and watched in awe as dad performed on stage. John chanted "go daddy again, and Detrix yelled and screamed as loud as he could to cheer dad on! If you would like to donate to World Vision, please leave a comment, and I will get you the info. We also got to watch a Gospel choir, wow talk about an experience! They were so fired up it was awesome!

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