Thursday, September 15, 2005

We are sheetrocking!

This is the new fireplace in the master bedroom - check it out we have insulation.
Here is a pic of our new siding! Looking good.
I am so excitted after a month or two of delays for various un forseen reasons we are getting sheet rocked! The insulation is in and the guy was hoofing the sheet rock up the stairs and into all the rooms today - - I feel like we may have a house soon.(I am sure our friends that we are staying with are finally able to breathe after wondering if we would ever move out!!) They have been awesome, and thngs have gone really well, but it is hard to have a family of four with you - including an ever changing two year old! So we will be happy when we can give them their home back - Justin and Shanda have found out what is not kid safe! - Mainly outside where little boys like to rip things apart! But they are having a girl first so Justin is in for Tea parties! I must say I laughed when I read a friends post about a tea party - what is that? we haven't reached that yet with our 8 month old girl, I secretly want her to be a tom girl - mud pies, playing in tree forts! I turned out pretty good, and I was a tom girl. Great because I said that she will be a girly - girl now!


Anonymous said...
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Cagle Clan said...

Your house looks so awesome! We keep checking your blog to keep tabs on Derrick, thanks for all the great info!