Wednesday, September 21, 2005

On the lighter side of things.... pun intended here

For those of you who don't know - - Suzy our friend from church is on The Biggest Loser 2! She has been doing awesome on the show - if you notice she is almost always smiling! You go girl. It is on Tuesday nights at 8 pm on NBC. So watch her and watch her shrink. We know she makes it pretty far - she was gone a long time (ofcourse she can't tell us if she wins the $250,000!) So have fun.


Mackenzie said...

Thing is, she doens't know yet if she's won either, because they do a live show for the top 3 contestants, and that's when they announce, because of who's lost the most :)

I am super excited for her! She's gotten so much airtime!

The Young Family said...

oh - that is really cool. Does she weigh in on a live show? Or has she already done the weigh in?but just doesn't know who won? I never asked her how it worked.

Cagle Clan said...

Yeah, she has to keep up her progress at home back in the "real world". Looks like she's doing great, huh??!! :o) It's so fun watching someone we all know!! By the way, Derrick did AWESOME yesterday! Wow! That was powerful and I know it ministered to so many people. Em, are you able to come to women's prayer? It would be great to have you there!