Thursday, September 15, 2005

Baton Rouge - LA

Derrick and Donovan have hooked up with the head Chaplain of all the chaplains of part of Louisiana, if that makes sense. He said they were really getting doors opened for them to speak to the right people about getting the missions teams staging area going. He went on a tour with the head person today of a couple of the refugee/evacuee camps from the Superdome. He just kept saying you can't image what these people have been through. It sounds like it is just heart breaking, everyone has a horrific story. He was doign well and helped to serve lunches to the 1,700 people in that shelter. They are working hard. Hopefully I will hear from him a little later. Thank you for all the prayers. We appreciate it.

Kids and I are doing well - Josephine slept last night! woo hoo it was so great I feel like new woman. It is amazing how the lack of sleep just makes you absolutely whacko - I was going on three nights of no sleep and wanted to cry! OK I did the night before Derrick left - I didn't want him to be up all night so ended up on the floor in the living room - wanting to just pass out with exhaustion at 2:00 am! But I feel good now - so all is well. Such is the life with a little one. I am done rambling now.


edwardmartin92836169 said...
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Cagle Clan said...

Congrats on a full nights sleep!! I know that is a HUGE cause for celebration!! It's funny the things we take for granted before having children..huh? So, how are you doing on your own with kids while Derrick is gone? Does it help staying with Justin and Shanda? Not quite as lonely I bet?

The Young Family said...

yes - it is really nice to have help around - I am very thankful for them.